Abraham Lincoln is Big in 2009

Abrahama Lincoln is Big in 2009 is a guest post that was written by MJ, a TeeFury curator and t-shirt blogger.

One of the biggest trends in t-shirts right now is Abraham Lincoln. There are a lot of potential factors behind this, from the current political divide in this country causing people to long for unity to a charismatic president that reminds many of the personalities of past leaders. But one thing is for sure- if you don’t own a Lincoln tee yet, chances are you will very soon. Let’s take a look at some of the Abe tees battling it out for your dollars…


Lincplissken by Reilly Stroope is the newest tee to tackle this trend, painting the former pres as a cinematical badass by combining his features with that of Snake Plissken of Escape from New York Fame. It also puts a hilarious spin on the recurring lines from that series (“I heard you were dead” and “I thought you’d be taller”). Act fast on this one, it will on be available for 24 hours on TeeFury.com on May 21st.

Bigfoot vs. Abe Lincoln


Lincoln’s reputation as a legendary guy makes him a character ripe for comedy. Glarkware’s Bigfoot vs. Abe Lincoln plays off this well, comparing him with a mythical figure. Enclothe tackles a similar theme and encompasses two trends at once by portraying Abe as a zombie fighter. The man who united the country becomes a warrior who unites citizens against a common goal: eradicating the undead.


Design By Humans

The t-shirt contest community also hopped on this trend, with both Threadless and Design By Humans capitalizing on Lincoln’s larger-than-life reputation. The elongated guns in Joe Carr’s Abe play off his height, with a nice detail in the N and S labelling. Meanwhile, ejiboo’s Abraham Lincosmic paints him as large as the universe itself.