A Better Tomorrow Meets Art Bastard Contest Winners

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the A Better Tomorrow Meets Art Bastard contest. And now they’ve announced two winner of that contest! First place went to Recipe For A Cocktail by Nelloforesto and the second place finisher was A Bee Tee by MyArgie. Congratulation to the winners! These tees should be available soon for purchase at A Better Tomorrow. 

What’s even better is that the next A Better Tomorrow collaboration has been announced. This time, they are teaming up with Nerdcore! This contest starts on June 8 and will run until July 6. There is no particular theme set in stone but if you watch Nerdcore then you know their vibe consists mainly of retro comics, music, zombies, and science fiction in general. The prize is 500 € and a big feature on the Nerdcore blog, one of the largest German blogs.

A Better Tomorrow Meets Art Bastard