Co-Tee TV Episode 20: Exploded Macs, ShirtFight and Nightlights

In this episode I wear Exploded 128 by Garry Booth and review a tee from ShirtFight called You Might Need More Than Nightlight This TIme that was designed by Evanimal. ShirtFight is the newest online T-Shirt contest site and features a different themed ShirtFight every week to challenge designers. 

This week I also start the summer long series on Ongoing T-Shirt Contest Sites. Every week, I will be reviewing a different tee from one of many different online contest sites. I’ll be discussing how each of these sites differ, how the submission and selection process work and what your rights are as a designer. This week we kick things off with ShirtFight!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

You Might Need More Than A Nightlight This Time by Evanimal. Good: Nice custom packaging and T-Shirts are individually packaged. This is the first ever winning tee at ShirtFight and so it makes a nice collectors item. Printed on an American Apparel tee so you know I like the fit, 5 color soft print, orders come with a ShirtFight thumb wrestling kit. Bad: I wish they went tagless. Price: $18.00.

Nightlight by Evanimal

Exploded 128 by Garry Booth. Fun shirt for any Mac fanboy (like myself)! I’d wear this tee with pride any day. Love the colorway and it’s printed on a American Apparel tee so you know that I dig that! Price: $18.00.

Exploded 128

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  1. says

    BTW, if some of you are wondering what’s up with the light in the middle of the video:

    Because of time constraints I had to film this late in the afternoon just as the sun was going down and facing directly at the sliding door adjacent to the area I film at in my apartment. By the time I noticed that, it was already too dark to do a re-shoot.

  2. says

    Brilliant review thanks Coty!

    And here I thought that light was Jesus or your childhood pet Fluffy smiling down at you from Heaven :D

    Also a quick note, we now also supply BUTTONS (or pins however you call them) and STICKERS with each order!

    Plus Jumbo prints! We’re trying to continually improve just for our community!

    Thanks again Coty, great job as always!

  3. says

    Thanks! Glad you liked it.

    So no more Thumbwrestling kits? I thought those were brilliant!

    Also, I should mention for “designers” reading this that if you win at ShirtFight you also score an amazing custom ShirtFight champion belt tee! Now that is awesome.

  4. silvan says

    tonight it was my first visit on your site.
    i think it is totally amazing.
    just watched your episode and i fall in love with it.
    i’m from germany and dont have the best english language skillz, but your speech is amazing. I understood every word you say. I look forward to the following episodes. thumbs up dude.
    bye, silvan

  5. says

    Hi Silvan, thanks for your comment! I am happy that you enjoyed the episode! Remember, there’s a new episode every Thursday that I post on the site so be sure to come back for more. Also, I’ve done 20 episodes so far so be sure to check the site for the older episodes so that you can watch them too. Enjoy!