Co-Tee TV Episode 21: Vig Tees, A Better Tomorrow and Manana

In this episode I wear and review Holy Hand Greanade from Vig Tees and review a tee called Manana that was designed by WhatTheFuck for A Better Tomorrow. A Better Tomorrow is my favorite German site and the biggest German T-Shirt contest site. They feature a wide selection of user submitted tees that are fun, wacky, creative and inventive.

This week I continue my summer long series on Ongoing T-Shirt Contest Sites. Every week, I will be reviewing a different tee from one of many different online contest sites. I’ll be discussing how each of these sites differ, how the submission and selection process work and what your rights are as a designer. Last week I covered ShirtFight, so if you missed it be sure to check that one out!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Manana by WhatTheFuck and available at A Better Tomorrow. Good: Printed on an American Apparel tee so it fits well, cut and sew elements including a tag sewn on the lower left portion of the tee with the A Better Tomorrow logo (really love that), package included a set of large and small decals. The print was not the softest I’ve felt but it was certainly not the heaviest, it was a little in the middle (I’m sure it’ll gets much softer after the first wash). Bad: I think if they went tagless this shirt would be perfect. Price: 18,00 € ($25 US).

Manana from A Better Tomorrow

Holy Hand Grenade by Vig Tees. Good: Printed on an army American Apparel tee, love the design, packaged with Vig Tees stickers. The print on this tee is super soft. Bad: I know I sound like a broken record, but, again, I wish it was tagless. Having said that, I highly recommend this tee based on design alone – it instantly became one of my favorites! Price: $18.00.

Holy Hand Grenade by Vig Tees

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  1. Hannah says

    Hi Coty!
    After I stumbled upon your Blog and the review of the Manana-Shirt, I just wanted to add that A-better-tomorrow already went tagless with their newer shirts and there shouldn’t be a “bad” in the future ;)

    Besides that, it’s great to hear that German Shirt-Sites get international resonance as well. Keep up the great work about Tee-Culture!

  2. says

    Glad you found your way to the site and hanks for the tip about them going tagless, Hannah! So they have screen printed labels on the neck area instead of the tags or are they just tagless? Either way, great to hear they went tagless!

    Hope to see you around here more often!

  3. silvan says

    yes yes yes. abt is amazing…
    very nice episode coty, i have to compliment you for your speech again :)

  4. Hannah says

    You’re welcome :)
    Indeed they have screen printed labels, but not in the neck area but on the lower back. You can see it here [I hope that links in the comments are allowed] Label Update and here Label

    Have a nice weekend :)