Coty Loves Threadless #20 – Shaving Apples!

I can’t believe it’s Episode 20! Wow, this feels like a momentous occasion. And to celebrate we’ll do what what we do every Monday – review tees with winks! Another batch of 6 tees are up for review in Episode 20 of Coty Loves Threadless so get ready to be entertained! The Apple Shaving Incident by Jun-Bin Chen had me at hello and as such, it’s my Threadless Pick of the Week! And how about the rest, you’ll have to watch! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out and vote for my TypeTees slogan submissions – I’m submitting one every day until I get printed! Every vote counts so vote for a slogan and help me get printed.

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The Apple Shaving Incident by Jun-Bin Chen is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

The Apple Shaving Accident by Jun-Bin Chen

Reach for the Light by Tang Yau Hoong

A Coat of Techni-Color by Nicholas Tassone

Long Journey by Enkel Dika

The Drummer by Maxim Cyr

Zombie Nomz by Ken Marshall