Teextile: Whisper

Admittedly, I went back and forth with my selections this week, but ultimately, I went with Whisper by SpaceMonkeyDR as my Teextile Favorite. I originally had gone with Star Kiss but then questioned that selection when I asked myself if I would actually wear that tee.

You can purchase Whisper (and the rest of the tees) all this week, but remember, each of these tees cost just $12 of their designated sale day, after that the price goes up to $15. After this week, all of the tees below will be gone forever.

Whisper by SpaceMonkeyDR

Here are this weeks Teextile rankings, in order from my 1 to 5, with 1 being my Teextile Favorite for that particular week. Feel free to debate your favorites!

My Teextile Power Rankings for June 22, 2009 to June June 26, 2009:

#1 (Favorite): Whispers by SpaceMonkeyDR

Whispers by SpaceMonkeyDR

#2: Star Kiss by WadeWilson

Star Kiss by WadeWilson

#3: Birdcage by Johdie

Birdcage by Johdie

#4: Hope Without Gravity by WinterArtwork

Hope Without Gravity by WinterArtwork

#5: King by nicebleed

King by nicebleed