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Hello guys! I need your help. You see, I just created a Facebook Fan Page for Co-Tee TV but I can’t get a Facebook vanity URL (vain, I know) for it until I reach 1000 fans! Well, I’m about 997 fans away from reaching a 1000 so go ahead and fan me up! 

The benefits you ask?

1. Exclusive video content of uncut and extended scenes that don’t make it to the actual episode! 

2. Links to new episodes of Co-Tee TV there as well Coty Loves Threadless so you’ll be sure to catch the newest episodes as soon as it’s up if you’re one of those chronic Facebook users. 

3. Random photos of tees that I find in random places. 

4. The occasional contest, you know I love a good contest! And that means free tees for you!

5. As a fan you can also post links to your products and if it catches my eye it might end up on this blog!

I Can promise you this, the CO-Tee TV Facebook will not be just another static Facebook page. I’ll try my best to keep it as fresh and as interactive as possible! Now go add me on Facebook!

Co-Tee TV on Facebook

Teextile: 7 Dirty Words

Lot’s of cool tees this week from Teextile, but, my hands down favorite has got to be 7 Dirty Words by Arrow! Making it this weeks Teextile Favorite! And if you’re a fan of George Carlin then you can definitely appreciate this tee. It’s probably not a work safe tee but, you can proudly wear it out to the bars! Remember, you can purchase 7 Dirty Words all this week, but it’ll cost you just $12 if you get it today (Monday) and it’ll set you back $15 any other day of the week. After this week, all of the tees below will be gone forever. 

7 Dirty Words by Arrow

Here are this weeks Teextile rankings, in order from my 1 to 5, with 1 being my Teextile Favorite for that particular week. Feel free to debate your favorites!

My Teextile Power Rankings for June 22, 2009 to June June 26, 2009:

#1 (Favorite): 7 Dirty Words by Arrow

7 Dirty Words

#2: Safe From Harm by Muttley

Safe From Harm

#3: Four-Tusked Mammoth by wyndeLLe

Four-Tusked Mammoth

#4: Metamorphosis by Mitohapa

Vintage At Heart

#5: Vintage at Heart by Aliera


Turtle Power! by Malicious Intent

I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles growing and so when I spotted this tee at Malicious Intent, I got pretty excited! This turtle inspired shirt was designed by artist Cryface and it’s product description sums it up perfectly: “If you could fit 10 lbs of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles memories into a 5 lb bag this would be the result!”

The shirt is printed on a yellow Alstyle tee and is available for purchase now for $19.80. I should be getting this tee in the mail soon (thanks Malicious Intent!) so look for it in a future episode of Co-Tee TV (be a fan of Co-Tee TV on Facebook!). 

Turtle Power


This shirt by MasterControl excels on so many different levels! Cats have been getting an extraordinary amount of attention as of late, especially with the popularity of sites such as ICanHasCheezBurger. I’ve mentioned on the site before that I am not the biggest cat fan, but, this shirt is kickass because of the cats! Interestingly enough, MasterControl mentioned that this was originally submitted to Threadless but did not earn a print. I’m glad that this got a second chance at Design By Humans. You can pick it up from DBH for $25. 


New Never In Wonderland Tees

Darren and Cas from Never In Wonderland (NIWL) Clothing recently unveiled their Summer 2009 line of tees. They also showed off their site redesign complete with their new NIWL logo. I actually really dig their new script logo, it’s nice!

The new line is pretty hot, my favorites of the bunch have got to the NIWL script logo tee and Cooked To Imperfection – I want those two! Both Never In The Caribbean and Underwater Disco feature large, oversized prints. 

The new line is available now and prices range from $14 to $20. 


Never In The Carribean

Underwater Disco

Cooked To Imperfection

All Over Slime

Kosher Ham 25% Off Sale + New Tees

Father’s Day is coming up and the best way to celebrate is…to buy a tee from Kosher Ham! Our good friends at Kosher Ham is having a humungous 25% off Dad’s Day Sale! All you need to do is enter “dad” at checkout and you’re on your way to saving large sums of money on some of the best Jewish inspired funny tees on the Internets! The sale runs through this Sunday at 11:59 so hurry and pick up a tee now! And as always, buy 3 Kosher Ham tees and you get a fourth tee for free! Shirts are printed on American Apparel blanks and are priced from $7.99 to $19.99.

They’ve also added 6 new tees to the site, I’ve added 4 of my favorites here for you to get a taste of what Kosher Ham has to offer. Be sure to check out the Kosher Ham Site so that you can browse their catalog of over 60 highly customizable T-Shirts. You choose the color that you want design printed on!

Who's The Boss?

Once You Go Jew

Jonas Brother

I Efron Love You

I Believe In The Loch Ness Monster

I seriously flipped out when I spotted this shirt over at the French tee blog, Grafitee. Simple typography plus a mention of The Loch Ness Monster got me excited. I Believe In The Loch Ness Monster is a product of Excessisok (Eio) Clothing, a cult streetwear brand inspired by music and art. The shirt itself is made from premium quality ultra soft esmeril cotton and features raw edged sleeves. The shirts are produced in Portugal and hand printed in the U.K. It’s available for purchase from £ 24.95 ($40 US). 

I Believe In The Loch Ness Monster

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles for sale!

Yes, I’m On Google Maps

I’m no doubt a fan of Google Maps and so when I saw this tee over at Shirtcity I knew had I had to share it with the masses. If you’ve purchased this shirt you should definitely try and get yourself picked up by one of the Google satellites with this shirt on. How amazing would that be! This shirt is available now, and customizable, at Shirtcity for $22.95. 

Google Maps

Ultimate Summer T-Shirt from ShirtFight

God, I envy that camel. Nice black shades for eye protection (very important) and a cold orange creamsicle on a hot day. What cold be better! I think this camel just inspired me to go to the beach over the weekend (the perks of living in Hawaii). 

Congratulations to tobiasfonseca for submitting the Ultimate Summer T-Shirt and winning last weeks ShirtFight. If you dig this 2 color super duper soft Plastisol Ink on creme American Apparel Tee ten pick one up not for the sale price of $13.