Arkaik Clothing Summer Release

The new summer line from Arkaik Clothing is pretty impressive to say the least. They continue to play on the dinosaur theme but have also infused new design elements by having guest artists like Greg Abbott contribute to the line. The new line includes an assortment of different colorways and also features a couple of tank tops and v-necks.

Prices for the new Arkaik Clothing shirts range from $24.99 to $34.99. One thing that I should note is that these tees are super limited. Many of them have a print run of under 20 and I saw one that had a print run of 4. You might also want to try the coupon code”COTY” for an additional 20% off!

Arbor Vitae II



Roll Em'

Airdrop by Glennz Tees

I’ve been talking a lot about tees that bring back feelings of nostalgia (see NES Zapper post below) and the newest tee from Glennz Tees really hit my nostalgic soft spot. Airdop is yet another excellent design by Glenn Jones, how he comes up with these awesome ideas on a consistent basis amazes me. I need to pick up this shirt, dust out my vintage Game Boy and blow on my original Tetris cartridge and get my game on. That would be awesome. You guys can pick up this tee from Glennz Tees for $19.95.

Airdrop by Glennz Tees

Airdrop by Glennz Tees

Perez Hilton Does Kosher Ham

Perez Hilton apparently loves Efron and Kosher Ham! The photo was snapped while the celebrity blogger was attending the debut of “”Cointreau Teese” at Avalon in Hollywood by Dita Von Teese, The International Queen Of Burlesque. If you aspire to be the next Perez Hilton (or, you just really Efron love Zac Efron) then you can pick up this shirt from Kosher Ham for the sale price of $15.99. You can even score 10% off your entire order by using the coupon code “COTYFANS” at checkout! I Efron love that deal!

I Efron Love You

Human Anatomy Patchwork

You’ll always find something when perusing Etsy, like this handmade patchwork human anatomy shirt! Man, was the second halfof that first sentence a mouthful. Like most other things at Etsy, this shirt is a DIY project done by Etsy member, takeahalliday. And according to the product page, it “is perfect for wearing with leggings, jeans, or if you’re really daring, by itself!” Interested? It’ll set you back a cool $70. I’m thinking that this is one of those “statement” shirts. 

Human Anatomy Patchwork

Human Anatomy Patchwork

ZAP Exploded

The Exploded guys (that’s what I’m calling em’) have done it again! This time, they’ve deconstructed the original Nintendo Zapper for our geek pleasure. Designed by artist Garry Booth, this design brings us all the way back to the 80’s when Duck Hunt was a fresh faced phenom and not regulated to the used video game bin at the local video game store. 

Growing up I LOVED playing Duck Hunt if only because using a gun to shoot flying pixels resembling ducks on my TV screen was the closest I would get to duck hunting in Hawaii. 

This gem can be had from for $17. 

Zap Exploded by Garry Booth

You Design It TV

If you’ve got qustions about T-Shirt printing or design then you must make You Design It TV a regular stop! Our buddy Blake from is now posting videos on the new You Design It TV site. The site specializes in bringing you the best videos related to the T-Shirt industry, including videos on screen printing and embroidery. A quick glance at the front page showed videos on color separation, a how to on snake drawing for tee designs, a how to on creating T-Shirt mockups, and the Karma Loop story. Such an eclectic collection of videos on the first page alone!

And guess what – Co-Tee TV is a regular on You Design It TV! That’s right, you can find all of the latest episodes of Co-Tee TV there as well as here and on the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page.

Be sure to check out You Design It TV, it’s definitely worth a look!

You Design It TV

Coty Loves Threadless #23 – A Flock of Gulls!

So this is weird. I filmed this episode last week but I forgot to post it! This is Coty Loves Threadless for last weeks crop of tees! I think I’m losing it, LOL! Anyhow, I love my Threadless Pick of the (last)Week because it’s just so damn witty! Flock of Seagulls anyone? How about Flock of Gulls! Episode #25 or this weeks crop of Threadless tees should be up tomorrow morning!

Coty Loves Threadless #23 on YouTube. Also, I’ll give you a hug if you subscribe to me on YouTube!

Flock of Gulls by Andrew John Mohacsy is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

Flock of Gulls by Andrew John Mohacsy

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NerdyShort #1 + Who Writes This Stuff?

What’s awesome about the first NerdyShirts NerdyShort is not necessarily the short itself, but the fact that it was shot entirely on an iPhone 3G S! How cool is that! I’m a fan of compact video making so I cannot wait to pick up and try out the new iPhone 3G S video features. My only wish was that it could shoot in HD ala the Flip Mino HD. Maybe in the next iteration? Maybe. 

Below NerdyShort #1 I’ve got the 3 NerdyShirt tees that are seen in this short film – Nerd, Free Hugs and Admiral Ackbar’s It’s A Trap Shirt. Each of those shirts are available for purchase at NerdyShirts for $19.95. 


Free Hugs

It's A Trap

And finally from NerdyShirts I’ve got their newest tee, it’s called Who Writes This Stuff and is based on a shirt from the new Adam Sandler/Judd Apatow flick, Funny People. If you were this shirt I guarantee it will strike up conversation. Whether you want that or not, well, you decide! It’s available for presale now at NerdyShirts for $14.95.  

Who Writes This Stuff

The Formula Werks Fetish Series

We all have a fetish (or two), but are just too damn ashamed to admit them to the general public. My fetish? Well, I can’t get enough of T-Shirts (what I do with them behind closed doors is my secret).

If you have a passion for either toys, vinyl or kicks then Formula Werks has got you covered. These fetish inspired tees well let the world know about your fetish. Both the toys and vinyl tee were designed by Rotofugi and the Kicks tee was designed by Escape76. Each of these shirts are priced at $25 and are available now from Formula Werks. 

Formula Werks

Formula Werks

Formula Werks

Old School Hopscotch

I have to admit, in elementary school I had some mad Hopscotch skills. I remember this popular recess time game being very intricate and competitive. It was much more than just hopping from square to square. There were certain levels that required you to start by launching from a certain start distance and let’s not forget the difficult “washing machine” level that required you to spin 360 degrees block to block.

And, I’m not sure if this was a Hawaii thing, or not, but in the Hawaii version of Hopscotch, you would throw your a slipper (flip-flop) to the closest square first (and work your way to the end). If and only if your slipper lands within the square, you’d then proceed to jump through the hopscotch and then the next person would go. Anyone else play hopscotch this way? 

In any case, this shirt from Kim & Jason brought back memories straight from my playground days. You can pick up Hopscotch from the Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand for just $18.

Hopscotch by Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand