Will Barras Custom Juxtapoz Tee

Juxtopz is one of my favorite Art & Culture Magazines and I’m always excited to get a fresh issue and check out what tees they have scattered throughout the pages. Here’s one tee that I spotted at the Juxtapoz blog and it features the artwork of Will Barras (Juxtapoz #91).  

“Will Barras is one of the original Scrawl Collective members and has maintained his original DIY aesthetic through his transition to a highly successful (and in demand!) artist.”

“He is one of those artists that it is almost impossible to copy because, well everyone knows it as his style and his alone. Over the years, Will has developed from the hip hop and skater/bmx graphics which made his name into areas a great deal wilder and more unpredictable.”

You can pick up The Lightening by Will Barras from the Juxtapoz shop for $23.95. 

Will Barras

Will Barras