10 More Michael Jackson Tribute Shirts

It’s been almost two weeks now since Michael Jackson passed away and the first post that I did on 15 Michael Jackson Tribute Shirts. Many of those shirts in the first post were either 1. rushed to meet early (and obvious) demand by fans or 2. made prior to his death.

Here are 10 more tees that I’ve collected since that first post that pay tribute to the King of Pop. Unlike the initial post, all of these shirts were made posthumously.

There have been a lot of scattered thoughts about these tribute shirts.

“Kind of sad to think about it isn’t it? It always takes someone to die for them to be appreciated more than when they were alive. It was so easy to poke fun of him when he was  alive and how weird he was, but as soon as something tragic happens, we aren’t laughing anymore are we.” – Franka Schulte of The Daily Tee

What do you think?

1. I Heart Michael Jackson by Crooked Monkey, $26

I Heart Michael Jackson by Crooked Monkeys

2. Prand X Michael Jackson by Prand, 29 Euro

Prand X Michael Jackson

3. Michael Jackson Tribute by I’m Just Sayin’, $45

Michael Jackson Tribute by I'm Just Sayin' / Redefine Tees

4. Glove by MJ (via Amazon), $12.95


5. I’m Bad by Lazy Oaf, £24.50

I'm Bad by Lazy Oaff

6. Neff Michael Jackson Tribute Shirt by Neff, Price TBA


7. Beat It by APB Clothing, $29.99 [LINK REMOVED due to similarity to this Threadless shirt.


8. Gone Too Soon by Scream Printing, $19.95

Gone Too Soon

9. A Tribute To MJ by Faze-O, €40.00

A Tribute To MJ

10. Legends Never Die by Skreened, $25.99

Legends Never Die by Skreened


  1. burl888 says

    You can buy the Michael Jackson Tribute t-shirt worn by Carmelo Anthony at the BET awards at:


  2. love5959 says

    i love the “see the future by looking into the past” one.
    i can’t wait to cop it… imma wear it every chance it get :)