HUGE laFraise €15,000 ($20,000) Contest

This is possibly the largest prize money ever for a single T-Shirt contest and I’m excited to see who’ll take home the cash! laFraise is kicking off their new site redesign in a big way, by giving out a truckload of cash. This is seriously a big deal, considering that Threadless, arguably the largest and most successful online T-Shirt contest site gave-a-way $20,000 for it’s Bestees awards, laFraise is going to giveaway €15,000 (roughly $20,915.59 USD) to the winner of their 15K contest. If you’re a designer, you definitely want to get in on this!

laFraise 15K Contest

Read on for full details:

Your mission
Create a design with two versions – one for a classic men shirt, the other for a women shirt from our Mademoiselle collection. The two versions may either differ in the placement on the shirt, the choice of the used colours or a modification of the design. It’s all up to your design so everything is possible – also a combination of those three factors.

The Deal
We will solely select one winner who will be rewarded the €15,000 bonus. The winning design will be printed on 2000 laFraise-Shirts (1000 Classic shirts and 1000 Mademoiselle shirts). With the conclusion of the contract between laFraise and the designer, laFraise also buys the complete copyright – it will not be temporary as usual. Furthermore, laFraise reserves the right to reprint the winning design.

The submission time will start on 14th July 2009.

The submission time will end on 10th August at 15:30pm.

All submissions uploaded after this time will be rejected automatically. We will release a special gallery of the 12 best designs on 17th August for a final voting round of 7 days.

Accordingly, the winner will be announced in the first week of September.

Technical Qdvices
The technical conditions (ZIP Files) are the same as for our ordinary contests.