Bruno Inspired GayBy Tee

NerdyShirts really knows how to capitalize on pop culture! Bruno has been out just a few days in theaters and already they’ve got a tee out! I knew someone would come out with this shirt when I saw the movie last Friday but I didn’t know that it would be this quick! 

The shirt, titled GayBy, is from one of the funniest scenes in the film. Bruno is a guest on The Richard Bey Show, a talk show whose whose audience is 100% black. He then proceeds to bring out his little one dressed up in a miniature version of this shirt. Sacha Baron Cohen is definitely going to hell. Bloody, bloody comedic hell! 

You can pick up GayBy from NerdyShirts for $14.95 today.

Here’s a description of the scene from Film School Rejects:

Next up is Brüno’s guest appearance on The Richard Bey Show (think low-rent Jerry Springer) as a single parent in search of a mate. The crowd of mostly black audience members accepts his entrance with applause, but he starts to lose them almost immediately with the revelation that he’s looking for a black man to be his partner. Things go downhill from there as his adopted African baby is brought out wearing a half-shirt with the word “Gayby” on it. And then photos appear on screens in front of the audience including pictures of the child crucified like Christ and hanging out in a hot tub with four naked, adult men…

GayBy by NerdyShirts

Check out a clip of the scene on YouTube (sorry, they turned off embed for this video and I am not sure why).