Power of Peace by Skilla Fashion

Power of Peace is the newest tee from Skilla Fashion and I really like it! The shirts, which are available now and printed on American Apparel blanks, feature the universally recognized peace sign, in hand and symbol form. The shirts also feature the Skilla Fashion logo on the upper back of the shirt for an added touch. 

Skilla Fashion recently sent over this tee to me and I will be reviewing this shirt in an upcoming episode of Co-Tee TV. In the meantime, you guys should definitely check it out! Some sizes are already sold out like small in both mens and womens sizes. They also released a coupon of new belts as well. Why not pick one up to match your new shirt? The shirt is priced at $20 and you can pick up the Music For All belt (see below) for just $12.50. 

Power of Peace by Skilla Fashion

Music For All by Skilla Fashion