101 T-Shirts for Scientists, Science Geeks and Nerds!

Ok, I couldn’t help myself. I had to do an “epic list” post of my own. I haven’t attempted one before and it seems that people like them, so, why not? The hard part was figuring out a list topic that was fun enough for me to do because, as I had predicted, this would take forever to complete! I decided to tackle SCIENCE! And why not, I’m a dork when it comes to science stuff. I love science! Science is awesome. Science is my religion. And so if you’ve been hunting high and low in search of the perfect science infused T-Shirt, well, I’ve got a hundred (plus one) for you to choose from.

1. Sci-Five by Topatoco, $18.


2. Nuklear Power by SplitReason, $18.95.

Nuklear Power

3. 98% Chimp by Think Geek, $15.99.

98% Chimp

4. Rad by Despair Wear, $18.95


5. Electron Highway by fofmock (Cameesa), $10

Electron Highway

6. Intelligent Design Is Stupid by Progress Wear, $12.99.

Intelligent Design Is Stupid

7. Beginner’s Guide To Cloning by laFraise, 19,00 €.

Beginner's Guide To Cloning

8. Master Control by Chop Shop, $20.

Master Control

9. Nikola Tesla by Convoke, $20.

Nikola Tesla

10. My First Ray Gun by robotrobotROBOT (RedBubble), $23.94.

My First Ray Gun

11. Experimental Music by Glennz Tees, $19.95.

Experimental Music

12. Useless by xkcd, $19.


13. Calculus by Inkstain Apparel, $25.


14. Tiny Carl Jung by Topatoco, $19.

Tiny Jung

15. Rubix Cubicle by Loiter Apparel, $17.

Rubix Cubicle

16. e By Numbers by Think Geek, $15.99.

e by Numbers

17. Atoms & Electrons by Clutch Tees, $17.95

Atoms & Electrons

18. Amoeba by Babble Tees, $13.99.


19. Save Gas Ride A Cougar by Kosher Ham, $19.99.

Save Gas Ride A Cougar

20. Explosive Decompression by Robit Studios, $14.

Explosive Decompression

Get a free shirt from BustedTees ($20 Value)

21. Linux Cheat Shirt by xkcd, $19.

Linux Cheat Shirt

22. Math Problem by Ugmonk, $21.

Math Problem

23. Important Names by Convoke, $20.

Important Names

24. Magic Is Just Stuff Science Hasn’t Made Boring Yet by Threadless, $9.

Magic Is Stuff Science Hasn't Made Boring Yet

25. Best In Show by Wear Science, $17.49.

Best In Show

26. The Sun Is Trying To Kill Me by J!NX, $17.99.

The Sun Is Trying To Kill Me

27. Save The Rainforest by Busted Tees, $16.99.

Save The Rainforest

28. Irony by Despair Wear, $18.95.


29. Alchemy by Woven Flesh, DKK 175,00.


30. Natural Order of Things by Go Ape Shirts, $18.

Natural Order of Things

31. Believer In Science by Progress Wear, $12.99.

Believer In Science

32. Most of You Are Average by Robit Studios, $18.

Most Of You Are Average

33. Brainasium by DeezTeez, $14.99.


34. Nerd by NerdyShirts, $19.95.


35. Designarchy by Loiter Apparel, $17.


36. Stand Back by xkcd, $19.

Stand Back

37. Periodic Table of Hip Hop Elements by Kuba, $26.99.

Periodic Table of Hip Hop Elements

38. Darwin Evolution by Babble Tees, $15.99.

Darwin Evolution

39. Viva la Relativity by Think Geek, $15.99.

Viva la Relativity

40. Melting by Glennz Tees, $19.95.


41. Superfrog Found! by Go Ape Shirts, $18


42. Euclid’s On The Block by Topatoco, $19.

Euclid's On The Block

43. Science Is Fun by J!NX, $17.99.

Science is Fun

44. Never Forget by Busted Tees, $20.

Never Forget

45. Schrodinger’s Cat by Muscular Teeth (RedBubble), $38.

Schrodinger's Cat

46. 100% Human by StuartWitts (MySoti), $17.69.

100% Human

47. Astrophysics: There’s Nothing Bohr-ing About It by High Fidelitees, $10.


48. Emotions Are Alien To Me by Far Out Shirts, $19.

Emotions Are Alien To Me

49. Dark Dimension by Brooklyn Industries, $22.

Dark Dimension

50. Science by PalmerCash, $21.97.


51. The Solution by Think Geek, $15.99.

Fun With Solids

52. My First TIme by Flippin Sweet Gear, $15.99.

My First Time

53. Guns Don’t Kill People. Physicist Kill People. by Fashion Dr., $18.

Guns Don't Kill Physicist

54. Rectangle Or Wyoming by Kblam Shirts, $17.95.

Rectangle or Wyoming

55. Microscope by Death Gob, £17.50.


56. Weird Chromosomes by Blood Is The New Black, $40.

Weird Chromosomes

57. Appolo Hoax by Glass Boutique, £22.50.

Appolo Hoax

58. Master Of My Domain by No Star Clothing, $15.

Master of My Domain

59. Square Roots Are Radical by Foe Paws, $15.

Square Roots

60. Go For Launch by Glennz Tees, $19.95.

Go For Launch

61. Particle Physics by SplitReason, $18.95.

Particle Physics

62. Biologists Do It In Their Genes by Clutch Tees, $17.95

Biologists Do It In Their Genes

63. Time Traveler Essentials by Topatoco, $18.

Time Traveler

64. Vacuum In Space by J!NX, $17.99.

Vacuum In Space

65. Geometry Is For Squares by Busted Tees, $20.

Geometry Is For Squares

66. The Golden Ratio by Brooklyn Industries, $36.

The Golden Ratio

67. Mad Scientist by Far Out Shirts, $19.

Mad Scientist

68. Albert by Smartest Primates, $20.


69. Astronauts Need Their Space by Kindercore, $15.

Astronauts Need Their Space

70. Ockham’s Razor by Topatoco, $19.

Ockham's Razor

71. DaVinci Hax by SplitReason, $18.95.

DaVinci Hax

72. Apple Pi by Loiter Apparel, $17.

Apple Pi

73. Science, It Works Bitches by xkcd, $19.

Science, It Works Bitches

74. Human Brain by Babble Tees, $13.99.

Human Brain

75. Resistance Is Futile by Think Geek, $15.99.

Resistance Is Futile

76. Springfield Isotopes by Busted Tees, $20.

Springfield Isotopes

77. Statistical Anomaly by Far Out Shirts, $19.

Statistical Anomaly

Get a free shirt from BustedTees ($20 Value)

78. Modern Science by Kindercore, $20.

Modern Science

79. Cold War Vet by Headline Shirts, $24.

Cold War Vet

80. TCP-IP by Rizzo Tees, $16.99.


81. Albert by Imaginary Foundation, $30.


82. Dr. K’s Chemistry by Linty Fresh, $22.

Dr. K's Chemistry

83. Naturalismo by Imaginary Foundation, $30.


84. Risky Engineering by Glennz Tees, $19.95.

Risky Engineering

85. Attack of the Giant Cicada by Head Stone City, $17.99.

Attack of the Giant Cicada

86. Science Is Satan by Topatoco, $18.

Science Is Satan

87. Organs by Babble Tees, $17.99.


88. Math Is FUNctional by J!NX, $17.99.

Math Is FUNctional

89. Flourine Uranium Carbon Potassium by Far Out Shirts, $19.

FLourine Uranium Carbon Potassium

90. Solar Expansion by SplitReason, $18.95.

Solar Expansion

91. Day Without Fusion by Think Geek, $15.99.

Day Without Fusion

92. Environmental Footprint by nofrillsart (RedBubble). $25.54.

Environmental Footprint

93. You Rock My Small Self Centered Universe by Topatoco, $18.

You Rock My Small Self-Centered Universe

94. Finders Keepers by Busted Tees, $20.

Finders Keepers

95. I’ve Been Fighting Gravity Since I was Two by Sensei (MySoti), $19.49.

I've Been Fighting Gravity Since I Was Two

96. Food Chain by Babble Tees, $24.99.

Food Chain

97. Schrodinger’s Soup by Brooklyn Industries, $22.

Schrodinger's Soup

98. Infinite by Imaginary Foundation, $30.


99. Geology N’ Physics: The Original Rock N’ Roll by Threadless, $15.

Geology N' Physics

100. Microphone Mathematician by Imaginary Foundation, $30.

Microphone Mathematician

101. Knowledge Is Power by Simply Complicated Apparel, $22.99.

Knowledge Is Power


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    Love the epic lists… should have featured some of our new poindexter delicious line, but I don’t know which one I’d kick out for it.

    So what’s in store for the next epic list? All good epics have a sequel.

  2. says

    Cool list Coty impressive that you scoured all of the internet to find all of those. Makes me think we should do some science shirts. I like solar expansion from split reason since i’m a sucker for pacman shirts.

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    Several of these were very cool. They set a high bar for this type of design. For something just as nerdy, but quite different, visit our minimal t-shirt design shop.


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