App Review #1: Remote

So I thought I’d try something a bit different for the site. If you’re a regular reader here at then you know that I am passionate not only about T-Shirts but also the Apple platform and all that entails. I’d like to start a regular video segment for the site were I, the captain of this intrepid blog, review my favorite iPhone applications.

I start with an app that I’ve had on my iPhone for a while now but never got around to playing with until this past week. It’s the Remote app from Apple. The Remote app is an excellent way to control your iTunes Library or Apple TV from a distance. Here’s what I had to say:

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Spiritual Symphony


  1. sweetie says

    hi, i’ve just found your site and it’s great. looking forward to subscribing and reading your updates.

    btw, this video post is awesome and i like the concept to reviewing iphone apps; however, the music in the background makes it really hard to hear you. maybe you’d considering eliminating the background noise?


  2. says

    Hi there Sweetie! Gkad you found my site and are enjoying it!

    As far as the background music, I agree, it’s distracting! My hope was to show how the Remote app could control the music on the Mac. I should have set the volume a bit lower!

    Future videos will most likely not have music unless it’s is related to the app.

    Thanks for checking out my site!