Ctrl Alt Defeat

First off, no, Ctl Alt Defeat is not the name of some emo indie band. It’s actually the name of a new T-Shirt brand by T-Shirt contest regular, Tom Neal. Ctl Alt Defeat is touting itself as a limited edition T-Shirt site. Essentially, they will be printing one design in limited quantities and, when the design sells out, they will go ahead and print the next shirt.

The problem with this particular business model is: what happens if the shirts don’t sell out? And, how limited are the shirts, exactly? In any case, I am interested to see future designs from Ctrl Alt Defeat. T-Shirt designer extraordinaire, Greg Abbott, kicks things off at Ctrl Alt Defeat with Remote. I have to wonder, will this particular design be the look and feel of future Ctrl Alt Defeat designs or will Ctrl Alt Defeat just be a hodge podge of different artist works with no real distinctive look and feel? In any case, you can pick up Remote by Greg Abbott from Ctrl Alt Defeat for £14.99.



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    I think that this business model is a safe way to start a t-shirt company but it might not be too helpful towards building up a brand. The same problem with having a number of different designs from different designers (pretty much what you said on the post).

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    Hi Apatino, thanks for the comment!

    I certainly think that starting off with just one print is certainly safe but the issue for me is: when will the next print be printed. How will I know when to go back to check out new designs? With other sites that run on the Limited Edition model, the shirts usually have a specific run time of a day, 72 hours, 1 week, 1 month. So, I know when to go back to the site to check out the new goods. At Ctrl Alt Defeat, I don’tknow when to go back to look for the new stuff and so the problem lies in having returning customers.

    And like you mentioned, branding/identity does seem like it might be an issue especially since they are going with different artists.

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    Hi Coty,

    I run my business similar to how you explained above except that I am the only creative person I have behind my designs. I also was told by some outsiders that I may have trouble at the moment with brand identity since I haven’t even used my logo in my shirts yet which is newer than 80% of my shirts right now. I have been noticing traffic at my site but seldom buyers at the moment. Occasionally I will get a newbie but most of the time it is my friends. Maybe I need to really take into consideration the time frame that you mentioned above to generate a better return. As for this particular design, it is fun and I will continue reading your blog to learn more from others.