Found Item Clothing Favorite Movie Winner!

So we had a bunch of people enter the Found Item Clothing Favorite Movie Contest and we had some interesting favorite movie submissions! Some of the movies included: Big Trouble in Little China, The Italian Job (original version), and Groundhog Day. Check out the video to see who won the large Classic Tuxedo tee and the medium Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local tee. Congratulations to the winners – you’ll be receiving an email from me soon! And of course, thanks again to Travis Greenwood of Found Item Clothing for sponsoring this giveaway!

And while I’m talking about Found Item Clothing, be sure to check out their newest tee, it’s called Spanish Godzilla and it’s available now for $21.95.

Spanish Godzilla by Found Item Clothing


  1. Mr. Jengles says

    Ah so close! Haha wish I would’ve won. Still cool you mentioned AND recommended my favorite movie. You have a rare taste my friend. Expect to see ol’ jengles here to be floating around your comments section.

    Keep it up broskie

    “Don’t look, Jack!”

    “I already did!”


    “Okay I won’t!”

  2. says

    John, you should definitely pick up the Tuxedo shirt from FIC – the guys there are great and they are spot on when it comes to detail!

    Mr. Jengles, I look forward to seeing you around the blog a ton more! Thanks for participating in the contest. And Big Trouble in Little China rocks!