Vinyl and Crossbones

In the age of digital everything – I’m actually looking around for a decent record player. Yep, you know, that thing that plays vinyl. Those huge circular things that spin and play music. Yeah, I want one. You know why? Because I grew up listening to records. My mom was (and still is) a huge music freak and she is the reason why I can appreciate good music, both old stuff and new stuff. Plus, she has a huge record collection that I’d love to get my hands on, dust off, and have a listen too.

Speaking of vinyl, this is the shirt that I should be wearing the day that I get my own record player. It’s called Vinyl and Crossbones and it is from brand new indie clothing brand, Aeres Clothing Co., who coincidently have a grand opening sale going on right now. All American Apparel shirts are priced at $22 and all Alstyle and Bella tees are priced at $18. How many of you still listen to vinyl?

Vinyl and Crossbones

Vinyl and Crossbones


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    Hi Nate! So what brand of turntable do you recommend for a first time buyer? I’ve been looking into Ion and Technics.

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    Vinyl rules, Coty. I’ve been collecting records since at least ’98. At last count, I have a little more than 900 LP’s, plus a mixer and a pair of Technics. Rock!

    I don’t own this but I am partial to the sentiment: