Johnny Cupcakes + Looney Tunes

Ever since I started to follow the indie T-Shirt scene with a keen eye, I’ve been a big fan of the Johnny Cupcakes brand. I even made it a point to visit his shop on Newbury street the last time I was in Boston. Up to this point I’ve always been impressed by his creativity and imagination, as well as the way that he has interacted with his community.

Having said that, the latest collaboration, one with animation pioneers, Warner Bros., just doesn’t do it for me. When I think Johnny Cupcakes I think exclusivity. Everything about the brand is exclusive. They’ve made a ton of money by parodying pop culture. And now that they’ve got an actual pop culture icon on the front of the tees, it makes feel more “meh” than “woah.” For some reason, seeing Bugs Bunny on a Johnny Cupcakes shirt reminds of similar Looney Tunes shirts I’d see in Sears or JC Penny, with the exception of there being a Johnny Cupcakes logo slapped on. Again, more “meh” than “woah.”

Johnny, before you could ever dream of landing big licenses like that from Warner Bros., you were already making the freshest shirts around. Warner Bros might need you, but your brand certainly does not need them. You mentioned, “We did have an entire bound book given to us that was filled with rules and regulations. A what-not-to-do book. From the littlest details like whisker placements. All in all, using the tools that were + weren’t given to us, I think these came out great.” I disagree, I don’t like these for the very fact that you played by the rules. What I would have dug would have been a unique take at these classic WB characters. Sorry Johnny, I just feel like you failed to deliver on this one.

Bugs Bunny

Bug Bunny

Daffy Duck


Yosemite Sam


  1. says

    Totally agree with you! I happen to work in animation industry and I know first hand, you can never change the way characters look. If you cannot do your own take, why do it in the first place?

  2. weeze says

    def agree. parodies and all are great but why do it if u cant make it your own? stop with the childhood reminiscing johnny, you’re 26 years old and make some worth while tees.

  3. Mama jeans says

    Yeah I’m with you guys, I am a big fan of Johnny Earles work ethic and it’s awesome what johnny cupcakes has become; but these batch of shirts just don’t have the normal edge and orignality that previous collections have.

    Kudos to him for getting such a large organisation to work with him, but it’s a nah from me. Keep doing your own thing johnny and ditch the main stream collabs .