101 T-Shirts for Artists, Art Snobs and Photoshop Gurus

So despite the first epic shirt list being daunting and time consuming, I decided to do a follow up! This time, I switch from the natural sciences to the arts and humanities by featuring 100 + 1 T-Shirts for artists, art snobs, photoshop gurus and everyone in between. Know someone who enjoys art? Chances are, they’ll enjoy at least one of the tees on this list!

Side Note: This list almost proved to be futile! I started this list about a week after the epic 101 T-Shirts for Scientists, Science Geeks and Nerds list and it took me nearly a month to compile a list of 101 worthwhile T-Shirts that fit into the category of appealing to either artists, art snobs and/or photoshop gurus. I almost gave up on the list. The first time I called it quits was after I found the first 10. Then when I reached 50, I thought, 50 is a nice round number, why not stop here? But I kept on searching every corner of InternetLAND and I eventually found 101. I hope you enjoy this list, because I sure had a difficult (but worthwhile) time compiling it!

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1. CMYK Family by Chimpogo, £21.

CMYK Family by Chimpogo

2. Pixel Tools by Insanely Great Tees, $19.

Pixel Tools

3. Artists Create Happiness by Graniph, $23.75.

Artists Create Happiness

4. Love, Life, Death by Kneedeepinsleep, £25.

Live, Life Death

5. Grafftips by Michael Delahaut (Threadless), $25.


6. Shapes by AtomicChild, $15.


7. Louise Bourgeouis by T-Shirt In A Box, 21,40 €.

Louise Bourgeouis

8. Creation by James Anthony Apparel, $26.


9. Just Say No To Art by Fair Weather Friends, $35.27.

Just Say No To Art

10. Color by Sixpack France, 33,50 €.


11. Colored Pencils by Brooklyn Industries, $19.

Colored Pencils

12. How Much Art Can You Take by Blood Is The New Black, $15.

How Much Art Can You Take

13. Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit by ShirtCity, $22.

Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit

14. Adam & Eve by Poyz & Pirlz, 32 €.

Adam & Eve

15. Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal by Stay Up, $16.50.

Good Artist Copy, Great Artists Steal

16. Wired Women by Cleptomanicx Store, 29,90 EUR.

Wired Women

17. The Grapefruit by A Little Bit Weird, $22.

The Grapefruit

18. Over The Stripes by Oki-Ni, £49.

Over The Stripes

19. Structures by Revolve Clothing, $59.


20. Red Riding Hood by Blood Is The New Black, $10.

Red Riding Hood

ShirtFight - Knockout T-shirts

21. Crybaby by Work & Play, 28,00 EUR.


22. Pantone by Justin Minns, $24.74.


23. Evasion by Oiseau (Tilteed), $18 but save $2 with code “TiltCoty”


24. Patterns by Theoze (laFraise), 19,00 EUR.


25. Element Mona by Element, $19.99.

Element Mona

26. Photoshop Hero: Legend of the Brush Tool by Wordans, $25.95.

Photoshop Hero

27. Photoshop Geek by Canoe, $25.

Photoshop Geek

28. Broken Image by J!nx, $17.99.

Broken Image

29. Styled by Cafepress, $22.


30. Warhol Homage by Jon Wye, $36.

Warhol Homage

31. Renaissance Man by Kokoro & Moi (available at Sixpack France), 33,50 EUR.

Renaissance Man

32. They Use Photoshop by Far Out Shirts, $19.

They Use Photoshop

33. Dali by Medium Control (Etsy), $15.


34. Filter Heroes by Chop Shop, $20.

Filter Heroes

35. Invisible by Reece Ward (RedBubble), $24.14.


36. I Heart Vectors by George Coghill (Zazzle), $16.

I Heart Vectors

37. vanluinen by jhvl (Skreened), $19.99.


38. Paintbrush by Uneek Garmz, £10.


39. Salvador Dali by La Dama, $35.

Salvador Dali

40. Graphic Designers Are Full of Shit by @blackpanda (Threadless/Twitter), $18.

Graphic Designers Are Full of Shit

Bacon t-shirt

41. Graphic Designer by Day, Superhero by Night by Poor Richard’s Customs (CafePress), $22.

Graphic Designer By Day, Superhero By Night

42. Tonic Game by Tonic, £15.

Tonic Game

43. Wolfgang Weingart by Paul Nini (Skreened), $21.99.

Wolfgang Weingart

44. Circle Coral by Ser-vice Is Good, $32.

Circle Coral

45. Edie & Andy by 2K T-Shirts, $35.

Edie & Andy

46. I Shit Design by Cute Little Factory (CafePress), $14.99.

I Shit Design

47. Typewriter by Blacktooth, $28.


48. Paint Bucket by Imaginary Foundation, $45.

Paint Bucket

49. Smile Please by A Better Tomorrow, 26,00 EUR.

Smile Please

50. Youth by National Forest (available at Sixpack France), 33,50 EUR.


51. Zigzags by Grizzly Nights, £16.95


52. Art No War by Noah Benjamin (Threadless), $18.

Art No War

53. Sexuality As A Work In Progress by Shirt Hunt, $19.99.

Sexuality As A Work In Progress

54. #000000 Is The New Black by ThinkGeek, $15.99.

#000000 Is The New Black

55. Serif by Typography Shop, $19.99.


56. I Heart Illustrator by George Coghill, $16.

I Heart Illustrator

57. Color Droplets by plasmicsteve (Skreened), $22.99.

Color Droplets

58. Alphabet by Random Objects, $20.


59. Scr-Emo by Jesse McCormack (Threadless), $18.


60. Lucifer by La.Boca (available at Sixpack France), 33,50 EUR.


Star Trek Interactive Tribbles for sale!

61. Banksy Heart Tree by Pinhead Industries (RedBubble), $26.61.

Banksy Heart Tree

62. Test Pattern by Loiter Ink, $18.

Test Pattern

63. To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns by Imaginary Foundation, $30.

To Understand

64. Bolt of Inspiration by Imaginary Foundation, $30.

Bolt of Inspiration

65. Pulp Fiction Bananas by 8Ball, 14.99.

Pulp Fiction Bananas

66. Dali by Jose Hadathy (Skreened), $21.99.


67. iSuckPhoto by Justin Minns (RedBubble), $24.74.


68. Mona Prankster by Herman Lee (Threadless), $18.

Mona Prankster

69. Please Wait While This Image Loads by J!nx, $12.99.

Please Wait While This Image Loads

70. Monkey Roger by Tonic, $£15.

Monkey Roger

71. CMYK by Random Objects, $20.


72. What The f/stop by Forty Sixty Photo, $18.

What The f/stop

73. I’m Banksy by I’m Banksy, £17.

I'm Banksy

74. Avant Garde Medium by da da da, 18,00 EUR.

Avant Garde Medium

75. Banksy Angel Copper by A-Non Clothing, £22.

Banksy Angel Copper

76. I Like To Flash People by Forty Sixty Photo, $18.

I Like To Flash People

77. Minimal Black + Red by ilikenothing (Skreened), $17.99.

Minimal Black + Red

78. The Anatomy of a Letter by Brilliancy, $23.40.

The Anatomy of a Letter

79. Color Theory by Fullbleed, $17.

Color Theory

80. The Pattern by Andrew J. Wright, $23.95.

The Pattern

81. Casual Apple by Beautiful/Decay, $29.95

Casual Apple

82. Circles by Grizzly Nights, £8.95.


83. Make The Logo Smaller by Typography Shop, $19.99.

Make The Logo Smaller

84. Lights Go Out by Beautiful/Decay, $25.95.

Lights Go Out

85. Inked by Fullbleed, $17.


86. Clearly Ambiguous by Ugmonk, $24. *Use code “coty09″ at checkout for 10% off.

Clearly Ambiguous

87. Tagger by MEARONE, $23.95.


88. Abraham Lincoln by Moi Clothing, 39,99 EUR.

Abraham Lincoln

89. Supernova by Beautiful/Decay, $29.95.


90. Rainbow Road by Fullbleed, $17.

Rainbow Road

91. Abstract Stars Map by Marcin Przybys (Threadless), $18

Abstract Stars Map

92. The Ultimate Pattern by Muscular Teeth (Etsy), $35.90.

The Ultimate Pattern

93. Negative Addition by Jeff Sheldon (Design By Humans), $25.

Negative Addition

94. Coloures by Song From Manila (Design By Humans), $25.


95. Aperture by Designgive, $19.


96. I See Dead Pixels by ThinkGeek, $15.99.

I See Dead Pixels

97. Graffiti Attack by Farofa Nation, $26.

Graffiti Attack

98. These Colors Don’t Run by brainsodomy (MySoti), $19.49.

These Colors Don't Run

99. Bauhaus Boy by Work & Play, 28,00 EUR.

Bauhaus Boy

100. Pantone Clear by Justin Minns (RedBubble), $24.74.

Pantone Clear

101. Tools of the Trade by Ole Ivar Rudi (Threadless), $18.

Tools of the Trade

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  1. sweetie says

    best. post. ever.

    this is definitely the category that appeals most to me in t-shirt design. is it futile to resist 101 purchases?

  2. says

    Sweetie, slowly step away and put that credit card down… 101 purchases might be a bit much, LOL! In all seriousness, I’m glad that you enjoyed this post!

    And George, you’re welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  3. says

    hey thanks for posting our shirt “graffiti attack”. i also think there are some other great shirts here! but if you have time, check out our website… i think you’ll have fun there: farofanation.com

  4. says

    Good work!

    A pity you did know our collection of ART TEES with reproductions of spanish contemporary artworks sold online in http://www.victimofart.com.

    In our collection there are tees with photography, engraving, painting, street art, mixed media artworks and poetry… by great spanish contemporary artists.

    I hope you will like them…


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