Co-Tee TV Episode 32: Milk & Eggs, Slide To Unlock and iPhones

Let me warn you beforehand that Episode 32 of Co-Tee TV is one fun episode! It ended up being very long as well, maybe because I can talk hours at a time about Apple products. And because of that I was very excited to review Slide To Unlock from Milk & Eggs Co. because the shirt is based on a device I could probably not live without – my iPhone! Hope you enjoy this episode, just one more day (and video) left until this week over!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Slide To Unlock by Milk & Eggs Co.. Pros: I absolutely adore this shirt and think the concept is brilliant. The shirt itself is printed on an American Apparel blank which is always a plus in terms of quality. I think any iPhone user would enjoy this shirt, it would make for a perfect gift! Custom hangtags add a professional touch and the added goodies in the package like the Milk & Eggs buttons and stickers are an awesome bonus. Cons: I have no complaints when it comes to this shirt. Price: $20.

Slide To Unlock by Milk & Eggs Co.

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  1. sweetie says

    milk & eggs = clever! their graphics and color palette are sharp, setting them apart from other shops. i subbed their blog bc they’re well worth following.

    what tee were you wearing in episode 31 at the start of the vid (green w/music graphic)?

    your closet in the background looks bursting w/t’s! when you go back to a standard blog post, would be cool to see a survey of your closet – total count, by color, style/category, brands, etc. you could highlight what shirt attracts the most compliments/attention, which t your parents love most (?), and the softest, etc.