The Cubicle Project Part 1

So, I’m super stoked that during the past year of T-Shirt blogging I’ve received tons of T-Shirts to review for both my blog and on Co-Tee TV. But, I’ve been running out of space in my small apartment since packages have just been piling while the-Shirts keep coming (I’ve got not complaints when it comes to the last part of that sentence).

In the hopes of getting organized, I’ve assembled a little 3×3 cubicle that I’ll be using to store and organize T-Shirts that have been sent to me, have been reviewed and ones that still need to be reviewed.

The cubicle itself was easy enough to put together. I picked up a Closet Maid branded cubicle from Target for a little under $40. And it took me about 20 minutes to assemble.

In this video you see that just a few of the cubicles are filled with tees. Well, I’ve only gone through and inventoried just 1/4 of shirts that I have sitting around apartment. Also I share with you a random a picture that mysteriously ended up in one of the cubicles and also some Beatles stuff.

In Part 2 I’ll show you the cubicles filled (to the brim) and how I inventoried the tees. Until then, enjoy!


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    LOL! it’s the infamous heroes pic! can you do different combinations of the 9 cubicle thing? like instead of 3×3, could it be a 2×4 plus an extra one??? just wondering… i especially like how you used it for your Tshirts… a great alternative, seeing as my drawer is getting full!

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    Infamous Heroes pic! I’m gonna frame that bad boy.

    Yeah, you could easily make it 2×2, that’s not a problem. It’s great man – I’ll show you it stock full of shirts in Part 2!