Zombie Liquorice Contest Winner Announced

Thanks to everyone that submitted their favorite horror movies of all time and thanks again to Zombie Liquorice for sponsoring this giveaway! Do you want to know who won? Only one way to find out – watch the video! The winner will take home this Bone Ranger tee designed by Dan Mumford for Zombie Liquorice!

Zombie Liquorice


  1. says

    damn i did not get it haha, even with my two entries lol.. anyway thanks for this contest, hope to see more of your contest:) I just got my shirts today from art the fan, ban t-shirts and stove monkeys, iam still waiting for my other square shirt. iam featuring it on my site. thanks again Coty!! :D

  2. says

    Wheeww, I thought I blew the pronunciation! Congrats again, Pavel!

    @zerobriant – there’s always next time! I’m super happy you received your T-Shirts! Jsut waiting on the suqare shirt, now, huh! I better double check with them to see if they shipped it.