Imma Let You Finish…

So, it’s been a good 2 weeks since the Kanye West outburst at the MTV Video Music Awards but it looks like the anti Kanye shirts continue to roll out. The latest shirt comes from Shirts Taste Good, known for turning viral YouTube videos into wearable T-Shirts. The shirt itself is called Best T-Shirt of All Time. Fitting name, don’t you think?

I seriously am sick of Kanye West and his immature antics. On principle alone, I cannot continue to listen to his music despite having enjoyed it in the past. I’m done with Kanye West. Having said that, feel free to purchase any of the T-Shirts in this post because I know it would probably piss him off. And no, Kanye, this is not a race thing. I’m ditching you and your music because you are just a straight up douchebag.

Best of All Time

Kanye Is A Whiny Bitch

Kanye Is Wack

Kanye Is A Douchebag

And this list would not be complete without a mention of the I Hated Kanye Before Hating Kanye Was Cool shirt! It was sold at TeeFury for just 24 hours $9 a day or two after Kanye’s outburst.



  1. says

    You can’t stop listening to an artist because of their personality or flaws. Most musicians aren’t perfect people. Drugs, Adultery, etc.

    A lot of ‘em talk shit on other bands and such.

    Michael Jackson was accused of molesting kids.
    I still listen to his music whether he did or not.”

  2. Quakerninja says

    I admit I was asleep at the wheel on this one, I saw it on twitter before I saw it on T.V. My main beef with the dude is that it’s pronounced Kenya darn it.
    I would like to an entire douche bags of the internet line.
    If anyone has a clothing line and is looking for something to do for the next release, get on it please.