Paris ’68

Paris ’68 is the newest tee design from the Manchester based Origin68. The shirt is an homage to the uprising in Paris in 1968 that eventually led to significant social reforms. What I especially like about Paris ’68 and the rest of the Origin68 line is the fact that their designs are well thought out and have some kind of meaning to them. They also have a great eye for typography. Their previous release, Anonymous, was dominated by type. The type in Paris ’68 is a bit more subtle but you can still see how the typography of the year 1968 dominates the imagery. Paris ’68 is available now from Origin68 for £18.

Paris '68

Paris '68


  1. sweetie says

    love, love, love this design and i want to buy out their shop! i hate paying int’l shipping rates though.

    any thoughts on the quality of continental tees (the brand they print on)?

  2. says

    Hi sweetie,
    No international shipping rates at origin68.
    Continental are great, super soft, great fit, sweatshop free, keep their shape in the wash.