Sponsor A Zombie Program

The Sponsor A Zombie video courtesy of the band Mercury Radio Theater is hilarious! It definitely made my halloween. You’ve got to watch the video, it spoofs those charity infomercials brilliantly. The $20 Sponsor A Zombie care package features a picture and letter from your zombie (how amazing is that), a SPAZ T-Shirt , bumber sticker and a Sponsor The Zombie EP featuring the tracks:

  1. Dejected, Adj.
  2. Are you Adequately Prepared to Rock!
  3. Evil con Carne
  4. The Hypno Eye
  5. Onward Zombie Soldiers
  6. Spare Parts
  7. It came from down south
  8. Joe spilt his beer

Electric Zombie Previews New Line

So unless you made it to the EZ Chat then you won’t be able to find these photos anywhere else. The new Electric Zombie line drops Friday, November 13. What do you guys think of the new line? I’m really digging that new custom polo. So, new tees, new baseball tees, custom polo and custom pants. Lot’s to be excited bout!

UPDATE: All but three have been removed as per Kyle from EZ!

Electric Zombie

Electric Zombie

Electric Zombie

How To Follow People on Twitter

So the other day I was reading a post over at the Assault Blog titled Why Twitter Followers Are Worthless. The author argued that:

1. “If you can’t mobilize your followers for feedback, links, retweets or an opinion: they’re worthless.”

This is somewhat true. When I first started blogging about a year and a half ago I used my existing Twitter account to send out links to posts that I’d do on this blog. For the first month or so I received minimal feedback or retweets.

I was following a ton of T-Shirt people and yet no one seemed to care about my content. The main thing that I learned is that Twitter is a two way street. Unless YOU care about the people that YOU follow on Twitter then YOU are worthless to THEM.

Once I started providing my opinions to tweets I’d read over Twitter, leaving feedback and retweeting I started to notice that people would do the same for the content that I pumped out over Twitter.

Twitter is a two way interactive street. Provide worth to your followers and the people that follow you will be worth their weight in gold 100 times over.

2. “Twitter is a vehicle for word of mouth, but offline word of mouth is always better than online word of mouth.”

I disagree. I don’t think my blog would have grown as much as it did and as fast as it did without the online word of mouth gained through the use of Twitter. Had I not utilized Twitter, my blog might just be another blog. Instead, I have a strong following of people who love T-Shirts and enjoy visiting my site to get the latest tee related scoops.

In fact, I made it a point not to SPAM my Facebook friends (people that I actually know in real life) with status updates linking back to my blog. I didn’t even announce my blog on my Facebook profile despite the fact that my 300-400 Facebook friends would have seen it. I wanted to see how much the blog would grow minus the friend and family factor. Other people automate updates on their blog to their personal Facebook page. I don’t do this and I will explain in a future post why I don’t.

Coty’s Followers/Following Rule

I started to follow the “big” people in my niche (T-Shirts) and I’d take a look at the people that they followed and I would selectively follow those that I thought had an interest in tees.

Note that I don’t have a monstrous or unbalanced followers/following count. I follow about 1800 people and have about 1100 followers. A balance in the number of people you follow and the number that follow you (followers) is a good thing. It means that more times than not, when you followed someone they followed you back. Or, when someone followed you, you found their content interesting enough to follow them back.

Remember, Twitter is a two way interactive street. So be weary of people whose follow/follower count are not balanced (i.e. they follow 300,000 people but have 23 followers). These are probably SPAM accounts, don’t follow these people. I’m a little follow heavy when it comes to Twitter, when you encounter these types of people you need to take into account their tweet history and even the link they provide on their profile page (covered in next section). When it comes to the followers/following rule you really want to be aware of the extremes, for instance:


How To Choose Who To Follow?

Once you start using Twitter you’ll start to get people who follow you that you aren’t currently following. You can do one of two things:

1. Ignore the Twitter email notifying you of a new follower.


2. Click on the notification email and review the stats of the person following you.

Ignoring people over Twitter is a bad idea. Twitter is a two way interactive street, remember?

Therefore that leaves us with option #2. So you take a look at the user stats that is included in the notification email and then from there you can make a “trim the fat” decision. This when you use the Followers/Following rule: If they have an unbalanced Twitter Followers/Following count I usually ignore them and do not follow them back. They are probably SPAM.

If however, they have a balanced Twitter Followers/Following count OR they have a username related to my niche then I’ll take look at their Twitter profile.

For example, @Timothyfree decided to follow me on Twitter. I took a look at the notification email and he passed the Followers/Following Rule. Next step is to take a look at his Twitter profile page.


So now I am taking a look at their Twitter profile and at this point I need to decide to follow him on Twitter or not. My decision of whether to follow or not to follow hinges on a few things:

  1. Are they following other people in my niche? Go through and look at the people they are following.
  2. Do they’ve have an interesting profile link (bonus if they link back to a tee related site), or
  3. Does their Tweet history show relevance to my niche?

So continuing on with @Timothyfree’s profile, I notice that he is linked to Freedom Clothing. Perfect, another clothing company to keep under my radar. But I do notice that his followers/following numbers have changed from when he initially followed me. That’s fine because I checked out his profile links, his tweet history and I know he is not SPAM, instead, he is someone that I’d  be interested in connecting with on Twitter. His tweet history shows that he likes to tweet about personal life stuff but that’s okay because when I looked through the list people he follow I found the official Twitter account for his clothing brand and I decided to follow that.


Once I review these three things I make a gut decision as to whether or not I follow this new person. I decide to follow @Timothyfree.

If you follow these steps then I promise you that you will develop a community of Twitter followers that actually care about what you are talking about. And once this happens, online word of mouth becomes a gazillion times more powerful then offline word of mouth. This is all based on the quality of your online word of mouth reach. And remember, since Twitter is a two way interactive street and you’re interacting with your community, your community members will be much more likely to retweet your content and/or provide feedback. Once this starts to happen on a regular basis then that’s when the online Twitter world becomes your oyster. Eat it up.

Some take home points:

  1. Twitter is a two way interactive street.
  2. Remember the Follow/Foller Rule and be weary of people whose follow/follower count are not balanced.
  3. Trim The Fat, but don’t ignore new followers, see what they have to offer before you decide to follow or not follow them.
  4. Once you’ve built a quality number of Twitter followers, don’t forget to continue to provide good content and leave good feedback.

I’d love to know what you think of this post. Also, if you have a different strategy for following people I’d love to hear about it!

If you enjoyed this post be sure to follow me on Twitter!

Tees: The Art of the T-Shirt by Maki – Book Review

I was fortunate to receive a copy of Tees: The Art of the T-Shirt by Maki from the publishers of the book. This is actually the first T-Shirt book I’ve received for review or even owned. Nonetheless, this book reinforces the fact that the T-Shirt is one of the most successful pop culture products ever. There literally is a T-Shirt for everything. But the T-Shirt isn’t all about showing off the latest cultural headline, but it is also wearable art. Every T-Shirt you wear reflects who you are and what you stand for. You can tell a lot about a person just from the T-Shirt that they are wearing.

Tees the book is an exploration of the artistic side of the T-Shirt. The author of the book, Maki Design, is actually a pair of T-Shirt designers, Kim Smits and Matthijs Maat. Their careers took off after they successfully won at the popular design contest site, Threadless. After a year and a half of blogging about T-Shirts I expected to recognize a few of the designs and designers in the book. And of course, I did. But I was even more surprised by the number of designers and brands that I had not heard of. The authors really delve deep into the indie T-Shirt culture.

The book is 333 pages long and features 82 design studios and artists. Each of the featured studios/designers provide short insight blurbs into their designs and inspirations. The book is filled with T-Shirts of different styles. If you’re looking for a T-Shirt bible, this is as close as you’ll get.

If you have any interest in T-Shirts (and I bet you do if you’re reading this blog) or just a general interest in graphic design then I highly recommend this book. You can pick up a copy now from Amazon9 for $19 (retail is $30).

RANDR Halloween Sale

Our friends over at Rise and Resist Apparel (RANDR) are having a mega-huge Halloween Sale! From now until November 2, they have select shirts available for purchase starting as low as $5. RANDR prints on American Apparel shirts so you know you’re getting a high quality product. And for $5, how could you go wrong? Why not get some early Christmas shopping done!

RANDR Halloween Sale

Shooting Target

I am so happy that this shirt saw the light of day. Designed by Manos Lakoutsis (he did the legendary Wingtips Threadless tee), Shooting Target went through a lot of drama (back and forth between the original printer) before being released at Supermandolini. I almost thought the design had been abandoned. Fortunately for us, Supermandolini worked things out and Shooting Target lives! Shooting Target is printed on an American Apparel tee and is available now for €30.00 from Supermandolini.

Shooting Target

Shooting Target

Via T-Shirts Around The Internet.

410BC Winter ’09 Line

Our friends at 410BC just unveiled their Winter ’09 and it’s as impressive as ever. Along with the expected T-Shirt fare, they’ve also got button down shirts, sweaters and hoodies. I have to say that over the past year and a half that I have blogging about T-Shirts, 410BC is the brand that I have seen grow the most. They have definitely created a distinct look all their own.

The tees are priced between $24 – $28 but remember that you can save 20% off your entire order if you use the coupon code “coty” at checkout. But if you’d like an even better deal then you’ll need to check back on Halloween because 410BC will be holding a 24hour Halloween Day 50% off sale. That’s right, 50% off. Crazy? I know.





Re-writable I Love NY

I usually try and keep pen tips away from my shirts as much as possible to prevent ugly pen streak marks. But this shirt from Markertees are all about bringing the pen tip to the cotton. So your t-shirts can transform into whatever mood you’re feeling for any particular day. A marker is included with every shirt and the drawing disappears after every wash. Pick up a Markertee now for $28.90.

Re-writable I Love NY


Glennz Tees is always on top of pop culture and this week Glenn Jones moved really quickly with the headline of the week. Balloon Boy! For those of you who haven’t heard the story, a Colorado family has been accused of staging a balloon fly-a-way incident involving a 6 year old boy. Apparently, the father of the child staged the fact that the boy had accidently flew away in a homemade balloon. This lead to a few hours of wasted time in which the authorities spent hunting for the missing child. Turns out that the kid never got into the balloon. It was all a hoax.

And so all we have to show for the hoax is this lovely tee from Glennz Tees. UFO is a little bit balloon boy and a little bit E.T. fused into a headline worthy t-shirt. You can pick it up now from Glennz Tees for $19.95.



Captcha by Rizzo Tees

Captcha sucks. Seriously, captcha sucks balls. It always takes me at least 4 or 5 tries before I can make out the captcha. It’s even worse when you try and use the visually impaired audio option and you still can’t figure it out because of all of the static background noise. Captcha sucks balls and this shirt from Rizzo Tees will help you to proclaim your animosity towards one of InternetLand’s worst offenders. Pick one up now for just $14, no captcha needed for purchase.

Captcha by Rizzo Tees