101 October T-Shirts (Halloween, Monsters, Zombies and Ghouls)

Halloween is just around the corner and so I thought I’d put together a nice list of 101 shirts that are perfect to wear during the month of ghouls and ghosts. Why wait till Halloween when there’s a shirt for everyday in between! I was going to wait till Halloween to post this but then you lovely folks would not have enough to order these lovely beasts for the occasion!

There’s no need to spend a fortune on an expensive costume and mask when you can pick most of these Halloween-ish T-Shirts for under $20! Go ahead, knock yourself out. For even more Halloween ideas check out the Found Item Clothing Halloween Costume Guide, they’ve got some fun stuff!

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1. Happy Pumpkin by Print Liberation, $18.

Happy Pumpkin

2. UndeadWe by Chop Shop, $20.


3. Intramural Zombie Hunter by Seibei, $24.

Intramural Zombie Hunter

4. The Butcher by Zombie Liquorice, $20.

The Butcher

5. Turn Into A Zombie by DeezTeez, $11.99.

Turned Into A Sight

Turn Into A Zombie

6. Boo Buster Ghostbuster by NerdyShirts, $19.95.

Boo Buster Ghostbuster

7. Friday The 12th by SnorgTees, $18.95.

Friday The 12th

8. WAI SO SRS by SplitReason, 18.95.


9. Cannibal by Glennz Tees, $19.95.


10. Hansel & Gretel’s Revenge by Wotto (Tilteed), $18.

Hansel & Gretel's Revenge

11. Life Sucks When You Die (Stiles from Teen Wolf) by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.

Life Sucks When You Die

12. Hellblazer by Electric Zombie, $13.


13. In Case of Zombies by Olly Moss (Threadless), $12.

In Case of Zombies

14. Peek Into The Dark Side by SplitReason, $18.95.

Peek Into the Darkside

15. Hatchet by Stay Up, $15.99.

The Hatchet

16. The Monster Mash by alexmdc (Design By Humans), $20.

The Monster Mash

17. Hotlife vs. Salt The Wound by Living The Hotlife, $15.

Hotlife vs. Salt The Wound

18. Brace Face by CrispyTees, $18.

Brace Face

19. In Case of Zombies by SnorgTees, $18.95.

In Case of Zombies

20. The Bone Ranger by Zombie Liquorice, $20.

The Bone Ranger

21. Zombie Apocalypse by DeKay Clothing, $20.

Zombie Apocalypse

22. College (Bluto from Animal House) by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.


23. I’m Not A Monster by alexmdc (ShirtFight), $18.

I'm Not A  Monster

24. EZ Luv by Electric Zombie, $13.

EZ Luv

25. Vampires Have No Life by SnorgTees, $9.95.

Vampires Have No Life

26. The Ghost Town Cactus Trio by Mitohapa (Tilteed), $18.

The Ghost Town Cactus Trio

27. Skeleton Spines by Russian Roulette Clothing, $15.

Skeleton Spines

28. Skull Holding by John Fitzpatrick, $34.99.

Skull Holding

29. Zombie Wars Episode IV by Zombriety, $20.

Zombie Wars Episode IV

30. Voyeur by Zombie Liquorice, $10.


31. In The Headlights by Thomas De Santis (Threadless), $18.

In The Headlights

32. Bruce Campbell 2008 by NerdyShirts. $18.

Bruce Campbell 2008

33. Brains by Hizoku, $20.


34. Death In The Box by DeKay Clothing, $20.

Death In The Box

35. Nekro Feel Ya by Electric Zombie, $13.

Nekro Feel Ya

36. Don’t Shoot Not A Zombie by Oddity Clothing, $22.

Don't Shoot I'm Not A Zombie

37. Caution Zombies Ahead by Rod Rigobarba, $24.95.

Caution Zombies Ahead

38. weBite by Chop Shop, $20.


39. Lets Get Smashed by DeezTeez, $14.99.

Let's Get Smashed

40. Between The Eyes by Ron Lewis (Threadless), $12.

Between The Eyes

41. Cuts Both Ways by Loiter Apparel, $18.

Cuts Both Ways

42. Hobbe’s Revenge by T-Shirt Hell, $19.

Hobbe's Revenge

43. It’s Toxic by vincentrogel (Design By Humans), $20.

It's Toxic

44. Mt. ScareMore by ThinBaker, $19.

Mt. ScareMore

45. Midnight Snack by Zombie Liquorice, $10.

Midnight Snack

46. The Only Thing We Have To Fear by SnorgTees, $18.95.

The Only Thing We Have To Fear

47. Office Chat by Glennz Tees, $19.95.

Office Chat

48. Bummin & Runnin by Beery Method (Tilteed), $18.

Bummin & Runnin

49. Eye of Horus by DeKay Clothing, $20.

Eye of Horus

50. The Clause of Death by Loiter Apparel, $18.

The Clause of Death

51. Natural Born Killers by Sound & Vision, $40.

Natural Born Killers

52. From The Black Lagoon by 410BC, $15.99.

From The Black Lagoon

53. We Scare by Chop Shop, $22.


54. Sarcaphagross by Electric Zombie, $10.


55. Ghost In The Dark by Chow Hon Lam (Threadless), $18.

Ghost In The Dark

56, The Soulseeker by Hizoku, $20.

The Souldseeker

57 Platypus of Death by T-Shirt Hell, $19.

Platypus of Death

58. Octopus by BigFluff, £30.


59. More Gore by RANDR Tees, $18.

More Gore

60. Zombie Brothers by Block 33, $18.

Zombie Brothers

61. Stephen King Rules by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.

Stephen King Rules

62. Plan 5 by Utile Clothes, 29,00 €.

Plan 5

63. Giallo by RANDR Tees, $22.


64. Hipster Werewolf by Crywolf Clothing, $22.

Hipster Werewolf

65. Zombie by GalletaRaton, $22.48.


66. Fresh To Death by Dance Party Massacre, $27.95.

Fresh 2 Death

67. Mad Hatter by Zombie Liquorice, $10.

Mad Hatter

68. Franken Kerry by Chop Shop, $8.

Franken Kerry

69. Eternal Exercise by Glennz Tees, $19.95.

Eternal Exercise

70. The Joker by NerdyShirts, $18.

The Joker

71. Gnarled Gorilla by Hizoku, $20.

Gnarled Gorilla

72. Coz of Death by Loiter Apparel, $18.

Coz of Death

73. Give Us A Kiss by Seibei, $22.

Give Us A Kiss

74. Just Give Me The Fucking Candy by Foul Mouth Shirts, $17.

Just Give Me The Fucking Candy

75. Ghostbusters Uniform by Stylin’ Online, $24

Ghostbusters Uniform

76. Hand Rider by Zero Friends, $28.

Hand Rider

77. Dead Count by Autumn Collective (Etsy), $18.

Dead Count

78. Wolf by TOI Creative, $20.


79. Mummies on Parade by Ziraxia, $17.99.

Mummies On Parade

80. Vampire Grill by Dance Party Massacre, $24.95.

Vampire Grill

81. Candy Corn by Rogue Pumpkin, $19.49.

Candy Corn

82. Death Knight by SplitReason, $18.95.

Death Knight

83. Spider-Man by 80sTees, $24.


84. Boo Motherfucker by Foul Mouth Shirts, $17.

Boo Mutherfucker

85. Boo Busters by SplitReason $18.95.

Boo Busters

86. Surplus Killing by DeKay Clothing, $20.

Surplus Killing

87. Dangerous by Strange Monster, $8.

Strange Monster

88. Strangers Have The Best Candy by SnorgTees, $18.95.

Strangers Have The Best Candy

89. My Halloween Costume by DeezTeez, $11.99.

My Halloween Costume

90. Bakula by Loiter Apparel, $18.


91. Frank’s Origin by molitorious (Design By Humans), $20.

Frank's Origin

92. Evil Comes In All Sizes by stothemofob (TeePay), £25.

Evil Comes In All Sizes

93. I Gobble Ghosts by Euan Gallacher, $19.09.

I Gobble Ghosts

94. Ghost Nabbers by Loiter Apparel, $18.

Ghost Nabbers

95. Haunted Bonsai by TokyoGoGo (Springleap), $19.

Haunted Bonsai

96. Scary Spirits by Public Wear, £12.

Scary Spirits

97. Ouch…I’ve Been Clawed by filthiest, $22.48.

Ouch I've Been Clawed

98. More Scared by Tim Gough, $22.

More Scared

99. Night of the Dead by Mike (A Better Tomorrow), £19.

Night of the Dead

100. Somethings After Us by Dance Party Massacre, $24.95.

Somethings After Us

101. Sad Pumpkin by Print Liberation, $18.

Sad Pumpkin


  1. sweetie says

    thanks for posting this, coty! my boyfriend bought #7 and it arrived yesterday. my brief coty-esque review:

    the design is pretty clever. t-shirt quality is excellent as is the print quality of the image (very crisp). i think the design could have used more typicaly halloween colors (i.e., red? orange? more black?) but, the colors work well together as they are. the packaging was the only weak point since it only came wrapped in the mailing bag. no freebies or tags on the shirt. fast service from the company, will def order again.

    : )


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