TopoRanch Records

The product description for Records from TopoRanch reads “Topo Ranch figures it might remind you of a time when your inner DJ was first awoken by a record player you received for your 5th birthday.” I actually had a toy record player growing up and I remember loving that thing. I had a bunch of thse “storytelling” records. Do you guys remember those? I also remember having a bunch of promotional ALF vinyls from Burger King! Imagine getting a vinyl with your kids meal. I can’t even fathom that now.

It’s sort of weird. I grew with records because my mom loved them. She had (and still has) a large record collection and I loved being able to choose what record we’d play next. But I grew to favor CD’s and then the mp3. I’ve recently been wanting to experience vinyl once again but every time I think about getting a turntable I do a 360 and head straight back to the digital realm of iTunes. I really think me and vinyl need to renew our relationship with one another.

Records from TopoRanch is printed on organic cotton and is available now for $36 and it comes with a exclusive mixed tape CD from MK & The Gentlemen.

Records by TopoRanch

He-Man and She-Ra The Secret of the Sword Soundtrack