Co-Tee TV Episode 37: Obama, Ware Clothing and Floppies

In this episode I wear Mega Byte Me by Ware Clothing, a brand new tee brand based out of San Francisco, California. If you’re into vintage technology, grew up in the 80’s, or actually know what a floppy disc looks like then I am sure that you’ll be able to appreciate the products from Ware Clothing.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Mega Byte Me by Ware Clothing. Pros: Fun T-Shirt for those of you who enjoy vintage technology or cute characters. Each Ware character comes with a background story. Shirts come packaged with Ware Clothing buttons and stickers. The design features a three color print on a black American Apparel tee. Great price at $12. Cons: Plain packaging, the retro graphics and bit-like type might not appeal to everyone. Price: $12.

Ware Clothing

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