The Santa T-Shirt

Why waste your money on a bulky Santa costume this Christmas when you can pick the all-in-one awesomeness that is the Santa T-Shirt over at NerdyShirts! That’s right, this tee features not only the standard red Santa coat but the big black belt and buckle as well. And the best part, the entire get up is as compact as, well, a T-Shirt! All you need to do is find yourself some red pants and you are set! The Santa T-Shirt is available now from NerdyShirts for $19.97.

Santa T-Shirt

Santa T-Shirt

Johnny Cupcakes 20% Off Sale + New Gear

So first of all, I hope that EVERYONE had an awesome Thanksgiving! Black Friday might just about be over but that doesn’t mean that the sales are ending. In fact, Johnny Cupcakes is having an extended sale up until the end of Cyber Monday! Score 20% off your entire order at Johnny Cupcakes by using the coupon code “holiday” at checkout. This is a pretty rare Johnny Cupcakes discount so I suggest that if you’ve been eyeing an item out that you buy it NOW!

While you’re there, be sure to checkout some of his new gear! I hear that New Era caps are all the rage with the kids nowadays and Johnny Cupcakes has his own 59FIFTY in brown and black colorways. I never understood the appeal of leaving the stickers on these caps but hey, that’s just me.

Johnny Cupcakes





101 Mustache Gift Giving Ideas

Moustaches, mustaches, mostaccio, mustaccio, moustakion … no matter how you spell it, moustaches were all the rage in 2009. You notice a lot of trends as a blogger and I’ve noticed that a lot of people love to not only grow moustaches but they like to have them adorn the products that they wear and use on a daily basis. Rangga over at came up with a great idea to do a moustache T-Shirt list. However, I thought I’d go a step further and include a variety of moustache gift giving ideas for those of you looking to purchase not just T-Shirts. Having said that, you’ll find moustache shirts, mugs, bandanas, necklaces, pillows and a slew of other moustache products! Enjoy this list and be sure to thank Rangga for coming up with this hairy idea!

Note: You’ll notice a bunch of different “moustache” spelling throughout the post. This was done on purpose as I used whatever spelling found was in the product name.

1. Handlebar Hold by Fuzzy Ink, $18.95.


2. Humunga Mustache by Moody Pet, $12.


3. As You Wish by 80’s Tees, $20.


4. Dapper Men by Chop Shop, $20.


5. Interchangeable Mustache Pillow by sallyenglanddesign, $60.


6. Mustache by Busted Tees, $20.


7. The Moustache Mug by Peter Ibruegger, £11.95.


8. A Must’Stache by No Star Clothing, $24.


9. Moustache Bandages by Urban Outfitters, $7.


10. Hand Embroidered Moustache Bandana by archicraft, $18.


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People of Walmart Tees Volume 1

So I’ve be a bit amused by the site People of Walmart and spent some time the other day perusing their archives. The one thing that I noticed, other than an assortment of very obese and obscene people, was the collection of naughty and sometimes disturbing T-Shirts. I thought I’d share with you a few of them. And by the way, as these images are from People of Walmart, they might be profane and obscene to some, so assume from the get go assume that they are NSFW.


Ironically, this tee is produced in Hawaii by a brand called Poi Pounder Shirts. Who would’ve thought? Pick one up for $18.

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Threadless iPhone Cases

Threadless has finally released their much anticipated iPhone cases. The popular tee company hinted at the cases a week ago at the start of their Facebook Fandemonium campaign. A week later, they delivered. Threadless has partnered with the popular Mac and iPod accessory developer, Griffin Technology.

The first set of iPhone cases feature two popular Threadless designs, Birds of the Feather by Ross Zietz and Clouds Within the Thunder by Joe Van Wetering. The new Threadles + Griffin iPhone cases are priced at $34 a piece. They feature the design on the back of the case and the artist information on the inside of the case. The cases themselves are less than 1mm thick.

Clouds Within the Thunder

Clouds Within The Thunder

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

The Beatles Alphabet

I’ve been listening to the Beatles a lot recently. I’m not to sure why but I have. It’s probably because I can’t stand what’s spinning on the radio. At this point in my life I seem to really be connecting with John, Paul, George and Ringo. A fellow colleague of mine gave a pop quiz to an entire class of Intro to Psychology students (about 250 students). At the end of the quiz he asked an unrelated question. That question was “Who is your favorite band of all time?” Responses included multiple votes for The Fray and All American Rejects. No one answered the Beatles. That’s disturbing.

To ensure that my children grow up with good musical taste I’ll be sure to play them the Beatles discography while they are still in the womb. And then I’ll pick up this shirt for them, The Beatles Alphabet, designed by Ian Leino ($19.95).

The Beatles Alphabet

Don’t Call It A Comeback: The Ultimate Warrior

Growing up, I was a big wrestling fan. I was a dedicated WWF fan from the age of 8 to 12. And then I grew out of it. Having said that, I still occasionally catch reruns of Monday Night Raw on the weekends in HD. Wrestling in HD is fabulous. Anyway, during the height of my wrestling fandom, the most popular wrestler and by far my favorite had to have been the Ultimate Warrior. He was crazy, out of this world, wore neon and moved around like he had ADD. I loved it! And so I was excited to read over on Emptees that he is planning a comeback of sorts. Not a wrestling comeback but more of a branding comeback. His people have enlisted the creative kids over at Emptees to create designs for an upcoming Ultimate Warrior merchandise release. Here’s what they’ve come up with so far:

What do you guys think? Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?

The Warrior - Parts Unknown

The Warrior - Face Paint

Always Believe

The Ultimate Warrior - Rampage

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Say Tweet Again

Say tweet again. SAY TWEET AGAIN. I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker. Say tweet one more goddamn time.

If you haven’t seen Pulp Fiction then you haven’t lived. Do yourself a favor and buy, rent, steal, or Netflix Pulp Fiction. You owe yourself that much. By the way, you can pick up this shirt from Headline Shirts for $24.

Say Tweet Again

Say Tweet Again

Dapper Men (141 Dudes)

Now that is a whole lot of hair! That of course is in reference to the newest tee from Chop Shop called Dapper Men (141 Dudes). I presume that these are 141 “famous” dudes because I think I just spotted Bob Marley and Kevin Smith. The first person to name all 141 men wins a brick of cheese from me. Okay, not really but if you can name em’ all comment below and I will give you a long distance applause (I’ll even stand up and clap).

Dapper Men (141 Dudes) is printed on an American Apparel blank and is available now from Chop Shop for $20 and be sure to use the coupon code “cotygun” for 15% off your entire purchase!

Dapper Men (141 Dudes)

The Flying Mouse 365 Project

Artist and illustrator extraordinaire Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse set out to do something a year ago that was crazy insane. He decided to create a design a day for an entire year that was worthy for submission to Threadless. 365 days later, Lam had a whole lot of T-Shirt designs without out a home. He also became the most printed artist at Threadless (27 winning submissions). So what to do with the rest of his designs that didn’t make the Threadless cut? Lam decided to start his own brand, Flying Mouse 365, where you can find the bulk of his illustrations.

Seven new tees will be released every week at a lower pre-sale price. Once the week is over, a new batch of 7 tees are released. Shirts are printed on American Apparel blanks.

Flying Mouse

Flying Mouse

Flying Mouse