We All Have Needs

ZOMG I feel jipped! Well, not really because it was totally my fault. So here’s what happened. I really wanted to pick up the new November 200 Nipples tee, We All Have Needs. I was determined to get it for just a buck. Which I thought was totally possible because how many people would actually wait up on Halloween for the newest 200 Nipples tee?

As you may or may not know, 200 Nipples released a new tee the first day of every month at 12am CST. The price of the shirt sold is the price you pay. So if you buy shirt #1 you pay just a buck. I was in it to get We All Have Needs for a buck. 12am CST equal 7pm Hawaii time. It’s 6:59pm and I am refreshing and refreshing my browser. Clock strikes 7pm and I see the new shirt and the purchase blocks. I click on the $1 shirt and then I see the clock counting down but no shopping cart! OMG! I wasted 2 minutes looking for a shopping cart on the site but no dice. I try refreshing the screen and ZOMG 15 of the shirts have already sold, including the $1 shirt! So I try and click the $16 and then shopping cart automatically appears!

It seems as if I selected the $1 shirt the same time someone else did and I lost out. Shucks. But at least now I know. There’s no shopping cart button! I’ll get you next month 200 Nipples. You wait and see.

200 Nipples