A Weezer Snuggie

A few hours ago I picked up the new Weezer album, Raditude. In fact I am enjoying it as I type this very blog. But to my dismay, I find out after the fact that I COULD have picked up the weezer album from their official website packaged with an official Weezer Snuggie. I feel like I got jipped. I feel like I should have gotten that blue warm and fuzzy Weezer Snuggie.

Then again, I live in Hawaii. What would I do with a Snuggie! But still, how amazingly and dorkingly cool is that – you can actually buy the new Weezer album with a Weezer Snuggie ($30). Seriously, that is amazeballs.

The only saving grace is that I picked up the new album for just $3.99 from Amazon DRM free. And having done one listen through of the album, I can say that it is worth the price of the 4 bones paid and then some. It’s fun, energetic and smart. Pick up your copy of Weezer’s Raditude from Amazon now for $3.99.

Raditude by Weezer

Weezer Raditude Snuggie


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    There will never a be another Blue album, but agreed that this new LP has its charms. Cuomo’s lyrics can be cringe-worthy in spots, but his trademark buzz pop is still in total effect.

    As for that Snuggie… that’s some cross-branding genius.

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    Agreed, The Blue Album is an untouchable Weezer classic. Cuomo’s lyrics have always been somewhat cringe-worthy – and thats partly why I love their music.

    Speaking of marketing genius, you should pitch BunnySlippers for their next album release!