Goliath National Bank: Member FDIC

So I picked up How I Met Your Mother: Season Four over the weekend and was able to watch two episodes yesterday and am so stoked because I almost forgot how incredibly “legen … wait for it … dary” this comedy series is. If you have not seen an episode of How I Met Your Mother then do yourself a favor and pick up the DVD or Netflix it, its hilarious.

I got through two episodes yesterday while I was nursing a cold and in the episode “The Best Burger in New York”, Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) pimps out Goliath National Bank (a fictional bank that his company purchased) while a jobless Marshall (played by Jason Segel) searches for the mystical best burger in New York. I thought I’d look up some How I met Your Mother tees and lo and behold, I find this tee from 80’s Tees, a Goliath National Bank shirt. Barney Stinson would be proud.

Are any of  you How I Met Your Mother fans? Let me know!

Goliath National Bank

How I Met Your Mother


  1. says

    Hi GrowndFlore! It’s weird that I posted about HIYM and Barney because last night NPH was on The Tonight Show. What a coincidence!

    So are you watching the current season? I’m just 3 episodes in on Season 4.

  2. BigFood says

    Hey Coty,

    Thanks to you I became a big fan of the series! I remember making a cover for the first two seasons for you, and I have updated them since then and included season 3 and 4 as well. If you’re still using those, let me know!

    I’m following the new episodes of season 5 at the moment. They are AWESOME!

  3. says

    The new episodes are sweet, totally good use of the word awesome. Season 4 was a good one you are in for some sweet treats. It makes my mondays complete, plus gotta love big band theory too. Sheldon wears some sweet tee shirts. I’d love to copy his whole wardrobe.

  4. says

    I’ve just started watching this season (weird time to get into it, I know), I don’t think it’s brilliant, but the group works well together and its a lot better than most sitcoms.

  5. says

    Andy! Have you watched the previous seasons? They reference things from past episode a lot so if you haven’t already seen it I recommend you start from Season 1!