The laFraise 15K Shirt: Elephant Gum

Want to buy a shirt that’s worth €15,000? That’s exactly how much Piu Piu won at French T-Shirt contest site, laFriase for her design, Elephant Gum. And while you’re there be sure to read the interview that Piu Piu did with la Fraise, you wont get 15K for doing so but it is worth the read. Elephant Gum is available now from laFraise for €19.

“The Designer was inspired by a french saying: A bit of thick skinned attitude in this elusive world. Go and adopt an elephant, you will get beautiful teeth then! (free translation).”

Now if I am being honest, I am not entirely sure if that single T-Shirt design is worth the 15K prize but then again, art is in the eye of the beholder. How many of you dig the la Fraise 15K prize winning design?

Elephant Gum

Elephant Gum


  1. Mike.H says

    I personally love it and having a male and a female version is a great idea. Maybe not worth 15k, but an excellent design either way.