Threadless iPhone Cases

Threadless has finally released their much anticipated iPhone cases. The popular tee company hinted at the cases a week ago at the start of their Facebook Fandemonium campaign. A week later, they delivered. Threadless has partnered with the popular Mac and iPod accessory developer, Griffin Technology.

The first set of iPhone cases feature two popular Threadless designs, Birds of the Feather by Ross Zietz and Clouds Within the Thunder by Joe Van Wetering. The new Threadles + Griffin iPhone cases are priced at $34 a piece. They feature the design on the back of the case and the artist information on the inside of the case. The cases themselves are less than 1mm thick.

Clouds Within the Thunder

Clouds Within The Thunder

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather


  1. says

    Agreed, $34 is a huge markup and amount of money to spend on an iPhone case. These are $10 more than the Johnny Cupcakes iPhone cases that were released a while ago.

    The one thing that I do like about the case is the thinness. I’d also like to have seen a few more designs for the initial release.

    And for the record I ditched my own iPhone case a while ago. Nothing beats carrying around a naked iPhone!

  2. says

    When you’re $10 more than JC you know it’s premium!

    I’ve got a gelaskin on the back of my iphone and a cheap screen protcetor on the front, so it’s not naked, but it’s also not scratched!