IMDTees: A Database For Movie Related Shirts

IMDTees is touting itself as the IMDB equivalent for T-Shirts. Haven’t heard of IMDB? Well, it’s an online movie database. Looking for a T-Shirt featuring your favorite movie then you might want to try IMDTees. I did have a chance to check out the site and I have to say that they do have a bunch of movie related tees but they are currently limited to just affiliate based websites like Busted Tees, NerdyShirts and DeezTeez. If they are to become a true database for movie related T-Shirts I’d like to see them add more indie tee brands that aren’t necessarily affiliate based. Ones that come to my mind that aren’t found in IMDTees include Glennz Tees and Found Item Clothing.

So, if you’re in need for a quick movie related T-Shirt checkout IMDTees but for a wider selection try Google. Hopefully we’ll see selection and the database grow with time.




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    @Travis, yeah, seems a bit shady because it’s just affiliate links at the moment. We’ll see if they add in some non-affiliate tees into the mix. But then again people could just go to a tee search engine like Teenormous and search for movies.

    @Andy, yes that would make a whole lot more sense wouldn’t!

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    Hi Guys
    I am the owner of, and I wanted to clear up a few things.

    1. We are not shady, as you seem to have concluded. We simply started with affiliate sites because adding those shirts to the site is as easy as being approved for their affiliate programs. We are trying to add as many shirts from as many t-shirt designers as we can. It is going to be a long process, and shirts will be added gradually as we connect with different t-shirt sites.

    2. may be a more sensible name, but that domain was already taken (and expensive to buy from the current owner).