Mgyver by TeeZeria

Growing up “MacGyver” (contrary to the name of the shirt, this is the actual spelling of his name) was on constant rotation in my household. My mom was a huge MacGyver fan, which later turned into a general obsession with Richard Dean Anderson (but that’s a different story). So as I was perusing the collection over a TeeZeria, I couldn’t help but notice this black MacGyver themed T-Shirt. First off, everything within the bubble is brilliant – love it! The only problem I have (and maybe the biggest) is that other than the mullet – that doesn’t look like MacGyver! That might just be me though. What do  you guys think?

Pick up Mgyver from TeeZeria for $20 and since the store is themed after a Pizzaria (TeeZeria – get it?) all orders are shipped in a custom pizza box.




  1. Awesomedude says

    It definitely looks like him… weell depends on what year/season that picture was taken and the teezeria design was created.
    Love the equation in the bubble. Really creative.