People of Walmart Tees Volume 1

So I’ve be a bit amused by the site People of Walmart and spent some time the other day perusing their archives. The one thing that I noticed, other than an assortment of very obese and obscene people, was the collection of naughty and sometimes disturbing T-Shirts. I thought I’d share with you a few of them. And by the way, as these images are from People of Walmart, they might be profane and obscene to some, so assume from the get go assume that they are NSFW.


Ironically, this tee is produced in Hawaii by a brand called Poi Pounder Shirts. Who would’ve thought? Pick one up for $18.


Titties & Beer Make Me Happy – I assuming you won’t find this one in a local store near you. I’m pretty sure he put in the effort to make this beauty by hand.


I don’t really get this one, but that’s just me.


So the disturbing thing about this shirt is that it’s not the only one of it’s kind. A quick Google search revealed a slew of Fart Loading tees. Disgusting and scaring at the same time.


If you thought that it would be scary bumping into the Fart Loading lady, let  me tell you, you don’t want to “bump” into this guy while shopping at Walmart.


And finally, beware of the buck in rut. You’ve be cautioned!