Caution! Bananas + Sale at Glennz Tees

If you’ve been putting off purchasing a tee from Glennz Tees, now is the perfect time to prep your credit card. From now until 2010 you can pick up any Glennz tee for just $13.95, including his newest funny bone tickler, Caution! Bananas. “Supermarkets can be dangerous places – runaway trolleys, poorly engineered can displays, and worst of all the fruit and vege aisle. All it takes is one loose peel and suddenly it’s like an ice rink. To prevent possible injury, precautions should be taken so it’s best to alert people when bananas are in stock.”

Caution! Bananas

Glennz Tees Sale

10 T-Shirt Top 10’s of 2009

As the year comes to an end, I’d like to present to you 10 of my very own T-Shirt Top 10’s from 2009. You should note that the T-Shirts posted here are listed in no particular order and are heavily based on tees that I’ve blogged about here in the past year. 2009 was an amazing year for T-Shirts and I can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for us all. What were your top 10 tees of 2009?

*Once Again, the lists are presented in no particular order.

Top 10 T-Shirts of 2009

There were a billion T-Shirts released in 2009 but only a few really great ones. The following 10 tees are my picks for the Top 10 tees of 2009. I own 5 of the 10 tees here and let’s just say they are on regular rotation in my T-Shirt wardrobe. There are two tees on here just because of the sheer attention that they drew (Zombama Brains and Three Wolf Moon / Three Keyboard Cat Moon). The rest are here because I absolutely love their design.

1. Mecha-Labaw by csj89. csj89 took the big prize from Design By Humans, $10,000 big with his Mecha-Labaw design.

Mecha-Labaw by csj89

2. The Struggle by Miles To Go Clothing. The struggle from Miles to Go Clothing always impressed me – it truly is a piece of art.

The Struggle by Miles To Go Clothing

3. Knuckle Collision by yonil (ShirtFight). Knuckle Collision was probably Shirtfight’s because seller of the year, I was sad to see them stop the contest portion of their site.

Knuckle Collision by Shirtfight

4. Powermitt by Johnny Cupcakes. Powermitt was my favorite Johnny Cupcakes tee of 2009 – Never Say Die came in a close second.

Johnny Cupcakes Powermitt

5. Zombama Brains by Pop-Monkey (Teefury). Zombama Brains from Teefury earned a spot on the list because of the controversy and interest it drew and for the fact that this was the first tee to outsell Shirt.Woot.

Zombama by Teefury

6. Filter Heroes by Chop Shop. Filter Heroes from our friends at the Chop Shop appeared on a ton of mainstream blogs – all photoshop power users should own this shirt.

Filter Heroes by Chop Shop

7. Three Wolf Moon / Three Keyboard Cat Moon. I thought that the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt belonged on here due to the sheer amount of interest it garnered. And I’ve clumped Three Keyboard Cat Moon with the Three Wolf Moon tee if only because it was the fastest shirt to go to print from Threadless. Although I’d never wear either the Three Wolf or Three Cat tee, I thought that they belong on the list by default.

Three Cat Moon

Three Wolf Moon

8. The Gaming Revolution by Sean Mort (Threadless). The Gaming Revolution by Sean Mort is the second Threadless tee on the list and my absolute favorite Threadless tee of 2009, hands down.

Gaming Revolution

9. Da Vinci’s Mario by Exploded Tees. And finally we have da Vinci’s Mario by Kevin Tong, the amazing illustration made this pick a no brainer. I continually referenced it, along with iSteamPhone, on Co-Tee TV throughout the year.

Da Vinci's Mario

10. And Then I Woke Up… (Blue and White Colorway) by Ugmonk. Ugmonk made huge strides this year – and the ampersand heavy And Then I Woke Up Tee… played a huge part in their growth. It’s a classic.

And Then I Woke Up...

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Wordboner: Typography With Personality

Well, not really risqué per se but Wordboner tees do have a bit more edge than your typical Threadless Typetees shirt. The shirts are a spinoff of the Wordboner site,  which they tout as typography with personality. I actually really like a bunch of their wordplay t-shirts (see below for a few of my favorites). They use direct-to-garment producers Spreadshirt so these tees are not screenprinted, that’s the only negative. The positive is that because they use Spreadshirt you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different T-Shirt styles and colorways. The Wordboner tees start at $14.99 for basic tees.





Raunchiest T-Shirt Product Shot of 2009

The shirt is called The Best Things In Life and it’s by Spamshirt, but, that doesn’t really matter, does it? What does matter is this is probably the raunchiest product shot for a T-Shirt that I’ve seen all year long! If you’ve seen anything better then please feel free to link it up in the comments section!

If you’re interested in buying the tee than you can pick it up from Spamshirt for $22.

And now, the not-so-safe-for-work product shot for The Best Things In Life…

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Insectoid!, a newly released tee from Threadless is truly bittersweet. Threadless decided to print the design after they had found out the the designer, harpo25 (Bart Vandevel), an active member of the Threadless community had passed away. Unfortunately, harpo25, an active submitter with over 100 plus design submissions, never saw Insectoid! get printed. Threadless will be sending the prize winnings to harpo25’s family to help with funeral costs.

“We’re a big fan of Bart’s work and we chose to print “Insectoid,” as it was the last design Bart submitted to Threadless. The money normally given to the artist for printing will go to Bart’s family to pay for funeral costs. We thank Bart for being such a devoted fan and such a talented member of this community.”

A group of harpo25’s friends have begun work on a website and book dedicated to his life and his art.

Insetoid by harpo25

Insectoid by harpo25

The Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Tee

You knew this day would come. I’m just a little disappointed that it took this long! But of course we could count on our favorite Jewish humor tee makers to come up with something worthy of a good laugh. I present to you the I Slept With Tiger Woods and All I Got Was This T-Shirt tee courtesy of Kosher Ham! Need a few more chuckles? Read the product description:

“Number 16, now serving number #16. Banging sluts and sinking putts, and all you’ve got to show for your GFE (or BFE) is this sweet-ass Tiger shirt from! And who said golf was a boring sport?”

I Slept With Tiger Woods is available now for $17.99 and as with all other Kosher Ham tees, you can pick up this shirt in a multitude of other colorways. And by the way, I think I forgot to mention that you can save 10% on your entire Kosher Ham order by using the coupon code “COTYFANS” at checkout!

Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Shirt

And if you need a even a few more chuckles check out this newly redesigned Tiger Woods logo courtesy of Ji Lee:

Tiger Woods Logo Redesign

Unique Tee Packaging From DarkDesignGroup

This new packaging design from Russian design firm, DarkDesignGroup, initially caught me off guard. Normally, when you think of T-Shirt presentation, you think of it as being either folded or hanging on a hanger. DarkDesignGroup completely re-imagined how a T-Shirt can be presented and packaged. The design provides a unique look that is not only eye-catching but also intriguing. I initially thought the item was a toy when I first saw the product shots!

Critics might argue that the new design uses plastic unnecessarily and might inflict unwanted wrinkles. I, however, a blogger who has probably seen one too many T-Shirts folded in the traditional manner is impressed by the out of the box thinking and design.





Coexiist: Ultimate Gaming Shirt?

In theory, Coexiist from should be the ultimate T-Shirt for gaming geeks. That’s in theory. In my eyes, simply slapping on components of 8 different gaming brands and logos makes this shirt look like one hot mess. You know why gaming consoles cannot coexist? It’s because the good stuff thrive and the bad stuff, well, they disappear quicker than you can say Apple Pippen.

Coexiist by ThinkGeek

MacGyver Is The Father

Do I ever tire of witty MacGyver tees? No, not really. For some reason, MacGyver tees are always awesome (to me at least). And this shirt from SnorgTees is no different. Necessity Is The Mother is yet another excellent MacGyver themed T-Shirt, and guess what, this tee was made out of a toothpick, a rubber band, and some tin foil. Pretty amazing, huh. Pick up this tee from SnorgTees for $18.95 and remember that if you spend $60 or more you score free shipping anywhere in the United States!



Heroes Inspired T-Shirts by Funkrush Clothing

I stopped watching Heroes a while back because it just became too complicated and overbearing for me. Having said that, I adore these new tees from Funkrush Clothing! This three shirt series features three characters from the show, including my favorite, Hiro Nakamura. I was never a big fan of Claire Bennet – she always annoyed me for some reason.

The tees have a very retro, print ad, look and feel. They are very detailed and I am sure the hardcore Heroes fans will appreciate that. I wonder what will happen if you call the Gabriel Gray number featured on the Sylar tee. The designs were done by artist and illustrator, Riccardo Bucchioni and are available now from Funkrush Clothing for £20.

Heroes X Funkrush Clothing

Heroes X Funkrush Clothing

Heroes X Funkrush Clothing