I’m An English Major

No, not me silly. But for those of you who did major in English this tee might be of interest. I found it after I stumbled across this Math Major T-Shirt on Tumblr (follow me on Tumblr). After I realized the Math Major shirt was a Zazzle tee I decided to hunt for a much more credible shirt with similar relevance. And that’s when I found the I’m An English Major, You Do The Math tee from Mental Floss. This dark blue tee will make for the perfect gift for any aspiring English major – throw in a notepad and pen and they’ll be set for next semester! The shirt is priced at $17.97 and features the Mental Floss logo on the sleeve.

How many of you reading this are English Majors?

I'm An English Major

50% Off Sale at 410BC

This is as huge as it gets – 50% off at 410BC! Be excited and go pick up some tees, hats, jackets and skate decks. Use the code “HOLIDAYs” at checkout to score the 50% off deal. And while we’re talking about 410BC, check out Episode 43 of C0-Tee TV were I feature 410BC! Now, if only they still had those cardigans in stock!

410BC 50% Off Sale

Co-Tee TV Episode 47: Sleep Through The Static, Sharp Shirter and Rhino Hunter

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear a Jack Johnson concert tee from the 2008 Kokua Festival and review Rhino Hunter from Sharp Shirter, a brand based in Bethesda, Maryland and run by Dan Lachman.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Rhino Hunter by Sharp Shirter. Pros: Rhino Hunter is a fun shirt and the first purple tee I’ve reviewed. Perfect for animal lovers with a wild and spunky personality! Sharp Shirter uses American Apparel blanks so expect a comfortable and soft tee. The print is fairly large and has a soft feel. Cons: Other than being a bit pricey for a single color print, I have no other complaints for this seemingly perfect rhino tee. Price: $22.

Sharp Shirter

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Cute microbes on sale

Admiral Ackbar ASCII

Admiral Ackbar has been getting a lot of attention in the tee world as of late. First it was the popular Obama Hope parody tee featuring the admiral called “Trap.” And now Might Tees has released a limited edition (150 shirts printed) Admiral Ackbar ASCII It’s A Trap tee. The design was inspired by the ASCII art that liters the Digg comments section and is part of the Might Tees Death by ASCII Art series. It’s  A Trap is printed on an organic cotton tee and is available now from Might Tees for $35.99.

Admiral Ackbar It's A Trap ASCII

Admiral Ackbar ASCII It's A Trap

Speed Trap by FM365

Flying Mouse 365 has been busily releasing new tees every week as part of his ongoing Flying Mouse 365 Project. One shirt in particular from hir current crop caught my eye. It’s called Speed Trap and it’s an obvious parody of the DC Comics character, Flash. I loved Flash growing up, how many of you remember the short lived Flash TV series? The shirt reminds me a bit of the parody tees that Glennz Tees has been come to be known for and although it’s not from Glenn it’s great to see some other artists take on parodying superheroes.

Speed Trap is printed on an American Apparel tee as available now from Flying Mouse365 for the new low price of $15.

Speed Trap by FM365

Speed Trap by FM365

The Awkward Turtle

I’ve never heard of the “Awkward Turtle” but it does have me intrigued.

“The Awkward Turtle is done by placing one of your hands over the other with both palms facing down, sticking your thumbs outward, and rotating both of your thumbs forward in a circular motion. The speed of the rotation reflects on the degree of awkwardness. This gesture is performed after something awkward has just happened or when there is an awkward silence. When someone makes the awkward turtle gesture, the goal of all others involved in the awkward moment is to be the first to make their own turtle gesture and hump the original turtle before any other players can.”

Will you be joining the awkward turtle revolution? If so, pick up an Awkward Turtle tee from Regal Clothing Co. for £17.99 and be sure to use the coupon code “JINGLEBELLS” at checkout for 25% off your entire order!

Awkward Turtle

Sketchy Santa

This post has absolutely nothing to with T-Shirts. So, after lunch today me and a colleague, Mr. Andy Dewald, discovered a wonderful site, SketchySantas.com. Inspired by the awesomeness of SketchySantas.com we decided to do a tribute video. The background music is sung by an unknown singer and was given to us by our former (bless his heart) advisor, Dr. Ed Chronicle.

The Gifty 50 and Welcome To Lesbian Town

To celebrate 50 issues, Swedish based T-Post will be giving away a bunch of tees – they will be gifting 50 teees every 6 weeks to loyal T-Post fans.

“But there’s a slight catch — a rather fun one. Not only do you have to follow T-post online to know the exact time of release and be quick enough to snag one, you cannot keep it for yourself. It’s called The Gifty 50. And it’s a chance for the lucky few to send a free gift, i.e. T-post’s latest issue, to the person of your choice.” Follow T-Post now on Facebook and on Twitter.

The Gifty 50

If you’re unfamiliar with T-Post then be sure to check out Co-Tee TV Episode 36 were I feature this unique tee brand. Add in case you’re wondering, here’s Issue 50, Welcome to Lesbian Town, designed by Jessica Eriksson.

Issue 50 T-Post

Nick Automatic

Nick Automatic is a new brand from Philippines based artist, Nicolo Nimor. The brand features 3 fresh new tees featuring, with 2 of the 3 featuring the Nick Automatic character. Pencil Crew, my favorite from the bunch, shows off Nick Automatic in all of his glory in crossbones like imagery but with pencils instead. The Citrus Club tee reminds me a little bit of some of the recent offerings from Johnny Cupcakes. And the third tee is an obvious spoof of the Cleveland Indians mascot. What do all the three tees have in common? They all feature exposed tongues. Looks like the tongue wagging will be a staple in the Nick Automatic brand – i like it!

I love what I see from Nick Automatic and am really excited to see future designs. The illustrations have a feel good feeling to them and that should come to no surprise since Nimor originally did illustrations for children’s book. The tees are priced at $18 a piece and you can pick one up from the Nick Automatic store.

Nick Automatic

Nick Automatic

Nick Automatic