Co-Tee TV Episode 53: The Mothership, Might Tees and Apple

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear I Visited The Mothership by Apple, Inc. and review Say Anything (Steve Jobs) by Might Tees, a Seattle based T-Shirt company with a passion for sci-fi flicks, technology, Star Wars, samwise gamgee, Steve Wozniak, and making cool shirts.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Say Anything (Steve Jobs) by Might Tees. Pros: Super soft shirt! Might Tees uses Alternative Apparel organic shirts along with water-based inks so the print is nice and soft as well. Shirt comes packaged in a nice eco-friendly box made from recycled cardboard and is wrapped in recycled paper. Perfect shirt to get for any Apple geek – especially one that worships at the church of Steve Jobs. Cons: My only con for this shirt would be the wide neck opening, other than that – love it! Price: $26.99

Say Anything by Might Tees

I Visited The Mothership by Apple, Inc. Pros: If you ever visit the Apple Headquarters then you must get your hands on this shirt  because you wont be able to find it elsewhere (except maybe on eBay for an inflated price). It makes for the perfect conversation starter. I guarantee that every time you wear this shirt people will ask: where’s the mothership? Cons: Makes me feel like an Apple retail store employee – just a little bit. Price: $16.

I Visited The Mothership

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    coty, great review, really thorough–and thanks for all the nice words! we do indeed have more apple designs coming out and other nice designs for nerds and fanboys : D