101 Bacon Products for Fans of the Other White Meat

For this months Epic List, I decided to mix things up again much like I did for Novembers’s Epic Mustache List. I present to you a list of 101 Bacon Related Products for Fans of the Other White Meat. Why bacon you ask? To which I reply, why not! Bacon is one of my favorite breakfast comfort foods. It’s just so amazingly good. It’s bacon!

101 Bacon Preview

I broke the list up so that the first 51 products are bacon related T-Shirts and the last 50 are funky, weird, strange, odd bacon related products. Everything bacon related is covered in the list, from an I Heart Bacon Thong to Bakon Vodka to a custom bacon themed Flip Mino HD.

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a BACON related shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. Bacon by Rizzo Tees, $16.00.


2. Bacon Makes Everything Better by Snorg Tees, $18.95.

Bacon Makes Everything Better

3. Bacon It’s That Good by Crazy Dog T-Shirts, $6.99.

Bacon: It's That Good

4. Bacon Rules by Crack Smoking Shirts, $15.

Bacon Rules

5. Bacon is Meat Candy by Road Kill T-Shirts, $14.99.

Bacon Is Meat

6. Bacon Is Kosher, Right? by Kosher Ham, $17.

Bacon Is Kosher, Right?

7. Push Button, Receive Bacon by sudeTEES (CafePress), $22.

Push Button, Receive Bacon

8. Bacon by Baconation (CafePress), $24.


9. Kevin Bacon by Busted Tees, $10.

Kevin Bacon

10. I Like Bacon by Nerdy Shirts, $19.99.

I Like Bacon

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No Sweat: American Apparel/SweatX Documentary

This looks really interesting. Not sure if I want to splurge $25 to download the film but when rental streaming is offered later this spring I will definitely watch it. Thanks to blog regular, Christina Roberts, for pointing me to the trailer! Check out the No Sweat trailer by IndiePix Films below.

The modern garment industry is defined by the “sweatshop” where most workers are undocumented, toiling under the radar of labor laws, for substandard wages, without breaks or benefits. Enter American Apparel and SweatX, two T-shirt factories in downtown L.A. trying to do it differently. But while SweatX is backed by 2.5 million in venture capital by ice-cream maverick Ben Cohen, American Apparel was built from the ground up by eccentric and controversial entrepreneur, Dov Charney.

No Sweat is a fast-paced documentary that goes behind the label, comparing two very different companies with a single goal: To take the sweat out of the shop. But do they have what it takes to survive in today’s global market place?

Introducing The Johnny Cupcakes Artist Series

Johnny Cupcakes just unleashed to the world his new Artist Series line of T-Shirts. The first two tees, features designs from artist Danny Jones / YASLY, who is known for cultivating old world techniques into tangible expressions of thought.

The shirts features abstract art on the front with the designer signature on the back. I have to admit that I am impressed by the first two designs in this new line. I am also curious to see who else will be contributing to the new Artist Line.

The T-Shirts are generously priced at $39.99 a piece. Here’s a thought, I’d be interested to see an all Johnny designed line. I understand the most if not all of the designs come from Johnny’s imagination but back in the day when he was just starting out he would do all the drawings as well. Nowadays, I believe that he passes on his mental doodles to artists who then transform his idea into a tangible image. What if Johnny went back to his roots and designed his T-Shirt all by his lonesome self, without the help of a seasoned artist. It would be the grassroots Johnny line. Hmmm….something to ponder.

Johnny Cupcakes Artist Series

Johnny Cupcakes Artist Series

TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment Week 7

Every day I come up with a new witty Threadless TypeTees Slogan in hopes of earning a place amongst the Threadless wordplay elite. At the end of every week I post a round up of that weeks slogans here on my blog. What can you do to help the cause? Vote! Just click on a slogan (preferably all of them) and then vote by click “I’d Wear It!” – it’s that simple! If you want to see and vote for all of my slogans then just click here or on that photo of me with the Rockband guitar. Vote for me and I will bake you an amazing tray of double chocolate chip cookies if ever we meet in real life.

TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment

Week 7 (February 12, 2010 to February 18, 2010):

If bridges were indestructible, would you still burn them?

Listen to me, youngsters, it’s never a good thing to burn bridges. Never.

I know just enough to be confused.

This was a slogan suggestion from a friend of mine. He seems to be having a “difficult” time with science these days. And so this slogans fits his situation perfectly! But I can definitely relate, hah!

Hallucinations are ok if you’ve got an imaginary friend nearby.

If you’re gonna suffer from hallucinations then why not suffer with a friend nearby – even if it’s an imaginary friend. Who cares at this point!

If baseball is America’s pastime then what’s wiffleball?

Who here plays wiffleball? I never have. Does that make me less of a man?

Science is magical.

Oh good God science is magical. Wow, science, magic and God all in once sentence. Amazing. Hmmm, maybe that should’ve been the slogan instead!

The truth should never be harder than hunting for unicorn.

Because, well, we should always tell the truth ;)

Teleporters will one day deem email obsolete.

At least those Trekkies hope so!

Celebrate Outcast Day at The Hipstery

It’s Outcast Day at Hipstery today! OK, so you might be asking yourself, 1. What is Hipstery, and 2. What the heck is Outcast Day? Hipstery, if you haven’t already heard is one of the coolest T-Shirt sites in InternetLAND. Here’s the premise: you tell them your T-Shirt size, they ask you a few questions and then they ship off a T-Shirt to you that they think you’ll love! You don’t actually see the shirt until you receive it in the mail. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

So, I decided to give Hipstery a shot today, considering today is Outcast Day. What’s Outcast Day you ask?

“We work hard to pick only winners in the shirts we select for the Hipstery. When we do fail, like all good humans we like to sweep that failure under the rug. Unfortunately we have no rug, and sweeping rejected shirts under a rug constitutes a tripping hazard. So instead we have a corner of the office affectionately known as “Outcast Corner”, home of the loser shirts. Why are they loser shirts? Well usually its you that decides they are, most of the time we still like them, but we can’t always be right and so if a shirt gets returned twice, all matching t-shirts get yanked over to Outcast corner.”

Here’s the deal, on Outcast Day, you go ahead and order a Hipstery tee and they will ship it to your for free, you just pay for the shipping. They are based in Germany, so if you’re ordering from the US, expect to pay about $9, that’s what I paid to have it shipped to beautiful Hawaii. If you live in Europe, expect to pay significantly less. All they ask, and this is the “experiment” part, is that once you receive your shirt and you’ve reviewed it, you “donate” whatever amount you think that the shirt is worth, from €0.01 up to the usual €17, back to Hipstery.

So, go give Hipstery a try – Outcast Day is the perfect time to do just that! Use the code “iloveoutcasts” to take advantage of this deal.

I’m not going to spoil the entire experience for you, but, here are a few screenshots from my Hipstery ordering experience. They asked me 6 questions (some bizarre and some related to fashion). At the end of the day, Hipstery is one fun service!

The Hipstery

The Hipstery

The Hipstery

Threadless Tee Turned Comic

Joe Carr is no stranger to the Threadless community. In fact, he has been printed multiple times and is a regular contributing member at Threadless. You might recognize him by his Threadless screen name, Isaboa. Alongside the release of his newest Threadless tee, Carr decided to do something not seen within the community before. He created a comic Book based on his Full Throttle Threadless Select Design and has made it available for free download at his site, Antiquated Press. You can download the comic book inspired by the Full Throttle design here.

“The story is of an alien fighter, going about his daily routine. Interacting and working like we all do. The reader is given little bits of the alien’s life, the whole scenario begins to develop when the alarm sets off sending the whole dramatic sequence into action. I do have the rest of the play in my head and maybe I will draw it out, but I just wanted to leave it at the scene of the alien defenders heading into battle with an unbelievable foe… I felt like we pretty much have enough information about the shirt’s character at that point. He is a defender, a father and husband, a good man who puts his life on the line for his planet along with his fellows… his pals.”

If you wanna make the physical version, then print this file first. Next, flip the pages you printed back into the paper feeder and print this file. Staple along the spine, fold, and you’ve got Joe’s “Full Throttle” comic book!

Full Throttle by Joe Carr

Full Throttle by Joe Carr

FAIL! (Thumbs Down)

Hello, Hello Kiddos! You’re looking at yet another FAILShirt exclusive T-Shirt, it’s called FAIL! (Thumbs Down). You artsy types might recognize that it looks kinda like the “Click To Appreciate It” button the Behance website. Yes, this is a parody of that badge and I think that it works perfectly!

FAIL! (Thumbs Down) is the perfect shirt for that “special” someone in your life. Maybe you know someone that recently experienced a FAIL moment that the both of you can laugh about. This is the shirt for THAT person. FAIL! (Thumbs Down) makes for the perfect gag gift. WARNING: Give this to the wrong person and you might get a punch (or slap) in the face. Buy it, wrap it and have your slab of frozen meet ready.

You can buy FAIL! (Thumbs Down) from the FAILShirt Shop now for just $23.99. You can also pick up the FAIL stripped version, Thumbs Down, featuring just the thumbs down for $23.99.

FAIL! (Thumbs Down)

FAIL! (Thumbs Down)

Behance Thumbs Down Preview

Sheldon Shirts Collection (Big Bang Theory)

I don’t watch the Big Bang Theory religiously (although I should), but I have seen my fair share of episodes. If you’re a fan of the show and you love tees then you’ll most likely have noticed Sheldon’s obsession with geeky, science-y, and comic book type T-Shirts. He must have large closet space to hold his wares.

One enterprising Big Bang Theory fan has assembled a very unique T-Shirt site. The site SheldonShirts.com is a chronicle of each of the nerdy shirts that Sheldon has worn on the Big Bang Theory. They have a fairly sizeable collection and they link to the shirts if they are still available for sale. Pretty neat idea in a I wish I had thought of that sort of way!

“You’ve reached T-shirt Nerdvana! Here at SheldonShirts.com, we’ve collected all the best t-shirts worn by Sheldon and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, plus Howard’s belt buckles, some shirts we think Sheldon and Leonard should wear, cool stuff seen on the show (Periodic Table shower curtain, anyone?), some of our favorite Sheldon quotes and lots more. Find out where to buy your favorite tee shirts!”

Sheldon Shirts

I Think Therefore I Am Not…

When people ask me where they should go to for “political” tees I always point them to Ban T-Shirts because they always seem to deliver with their goods. This anti Glenn Beck T-Shirt is no different. The conservative political commentator and host of the FOX show bearing his name is known by his liberal counterparts for his provocative views. For many, provocative for Glenn Beck means speaking without thinking.

I Think Therefore I Am Not Glenn Beck is printed on a Heather Grey American Apparel tee and is available now for sale at Ban T-Shirts for $17.99.

I Think Therefore I Am Not Glenn Beck

TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment Week 6

Every day I come up with a new witty Threadless TypeTees Slogan in hopes of earning a Threadless Alumni Club Medal of Honor. At the end of every week I post a round up of that weeks slogans here on my blog. What can you do to help the cause? Vote! Just click on a slogan (preferably all of them) and then vote by click “I’d Wear It!” – it’s that simple! If you want to see and vote for all of my slogans then just click here or on that photo of me with the Rockband guitar. Vote for me and I will cook you can amazing set of eggs benedict if ever we meet in real life.

TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment

Week 6 (February 5, 2010 to February 11, 2010):

I’m an egg beater. Sue me.

Whenever I make scrambled eggs, I like to beat em and whip em into submission. Don’t get in between me and eggs.

I miss your voice. Call, don’t text.

I never was a big text-er. I prefer speaking. In person.

Ninjas, they’re just naturally good at hide and seek.

Of course they would be! They excel at covert espionage … Hide and Seek would be childs play for a seasoned Ninja! RAWR!

I’ll be your scapegoat if that means I get to ram you with horns.

And that’s the only way you’ll ever get ME to be your scapegoat.

I admit I am not an alpha male, but I am a beta boy.

I heard a similar line from a movie that I watched this week. I can’t for the life of me remember what that movie was. Any ideas?

Beware, surveillance cameras are in constant use.

Everywhere, they are everywhere. I came up with this slogan while I was walking to work and noticed that nearly every intersection there was a surveillance camera alongside each stop light. It’s 2010 but it’s starting to look like 1984.

Instead of using the asterisk key I like to throw ninja stars.

Why? Because ninja stars are rad – that’s why!