The S Thing

I can so remember growing up and doodling the “S” thing on everything school related. I had no idea that this 90’s meme was so far reaching. Apparently, the “S” thing spread worldwide:

“The ‘Super S’ or ‘Stussy’ symbol was drawn by kids worldwide in the 1990’s. Origins of the symbol are generally unknown but some have suggested it is related to the “Stussy” clothing line (although some say they never used this font style). It was a worldwide meme reaching countries all over the world, primarily drawn at school on binders or notebooks. There is a technique in drawing the symbol (which consists of 14 lines) which was regarded as a kind of special knowledge. In some schools it was later banned because it was thought of as being a gang symbol. Multiple S symbols are referred to as ‘stussies’.”

The “S” Thing T-Shirt was inspired by a thread over at the tee-centric site, Emptees, and is available for sale now at for $10. 

The S Thing


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    Saw this design somewhere else earlier on the week and felt really nostalgic. Thanks for sharing that it came from Emptees … hadn’t seen that community before and now am really interested in checking it out further!