Introducing The Johnny Cupcakes Artist Series

Johnny Cupcakes just unleashed to the world his new Artist Series line of T-Shirts. The first two tees, features designs from artist Danny Jones / YASLY, who is known for cultivating old world techniques into tangible expressions of thought.

The shirts features abstract art on the front with the designer signature on the back. I have to admit that I am impressed by the first two designs in this new line. I am also curious to see who else will be contributing to the new Artist Line.

The T-Shirts are generously priced at $39.99 a piece. Here’s a thought, I’d be interested to see an all Johnny designed line. I understand the most if not all of the designs come from Johnny’s imagination but back in the day when he was just starting out he would do all the drawings as well. Nowadays, I believe that he passes on his mental doodles to artists who then transform his idea into a tangible image. What if Johnny went back to his roots and designed his T-Shirt all by his lonesome self, without the help of a seasoned artist. It would be the grassroots Johnny line. Hmmm….something to ponder.

Johnny Cupcakes Artist Series

Johnny Cupcakes Artist Series


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    Hi jetgirl! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Yeah, $40 is a bit excessive but the kids digg his gear so I guess he can charge that price.

    Needless to say, I’d love to see a stricty Johnny line. One that he designs all by his lonesome self. I want to see him go old school. That would be fun. I think.

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    I think that just because people are willing to pay it isn’t the best of arguments for why JC can charge $40 (or even the usual $35ish for non-artist designs), I know he has a lot more costs to consider than most brands that you and I write about, but it does seem like quite a lot to charge for a t-shirt.