101 Bacon Products for Fans of the Other White Meat

For this months Epic List, I decided to mix things up again much like I did for Novembers’s Epic Mustache List. I present to you a list of 101 Bacon Related Products for Fans of the Other White Meat. Why bacon you ask? To which I reply, why not! Bacon is one of my favorite breakfast comfort foods. It’s just so amazingly good. It’s bacon!

101 Bacon Preview

I broke the list up so that the first 51 products are bacon related T-Shirts and the last 50 are funky, weird, strange, odd bacon related products. Everything bacon related is covered in the list, from an I Heart Bacon Thong to Bakon Vodka to a custom bacon themed Flip Mino HD.

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a BACON related shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. Bacon by Rizzo Tees, $16.00.


2. Bacon Makes Everything Better by Snorg Tees, $18.95.

Bacon Makes Everything Better

3. Bacon It’s That Good by Crazy Dog T-Shirts, $6.99.

Bacon: It's That Good

4. Bacon Rules by Crack Smoking Shirts, $15.

Bacon Rules

5. Bacon is Meat Candy by Road Kill T-Shirts, $14.99.

Bacon Is Meat

6. Bacon Is Kosher, Right? by Kosher Ham, $17.

Bacon Is Kosher, Right?

7. Push Button, Receive Bacon by sudeTEES (CafePress), $22.

Push Button, Receive Bacon

8. Bacon by Baconation (CafePress), $24.


9. Kevin Bacon by Busted Tees, $10.

Kevin Bacon

10. I Like Bacon by Nerdy Shirts, $19.99.

I Like Bacon

11. xBacon Edgex by Crispy Tees, $15.

Bacon Edge

12. You Had Me At Bacon by Snorg Tees, $18.95.

You Had Me At Bacon

13. Something On Top by Uneetee, $18.99.

Something On Top

14. World’s Oldest Person Credits Bacon by CNN Headline Shirts, $15.

World's Oldest Person

15. Bacon Makes Everything Better by Road Kill T-Shirts, $14.99.

Bacon makes Everything Better

16. Bacon: It’s What’s For Dinner by Need That Shirt, $14.95.

Bacon It's What's For Dinner

17. Bacon Is Meat Candy by strk3 (CafePress), $24.

Bacon Is Meat Candy

18. Bacon Surprise by sappymoosetree (Etsy), $15.

Bacon Surprise

19. I Heart (Love) Bacon by eVision Arts, $22.99.

I Heart Bacon

20. Bacon Pig by BAC’N, $13.95.

Bacon Pig

21. Delicious by LMNO Tees, $15.99.


22. B Is For Bacon by Snorg Tees, $18.95.

BIs For Bacon

23. Swine Flu: Bacon’s Revenge by Neatorama, $9.95.

Swine Flu

24. Hail Bacon by econographics (Etsy), $20.

Hail Bacon

25. Bacon Is The New Jesus by BaconBacon (CafePress), $24.

Bacon Is The New Jesus

26. Periodic BaCoN by ThinkGeek, $15.99.

Periodic BaCoN

27. Pocket Full of Bacon by KCGraphics (CafePress), $24.

Pocket Full of Bacon

28.Baconfish by hamburgerpanda (Etsy), $15.


29. I Heart Bacon by Bacon Shirts, $20.

I Heart Bacon

30. Sliced Bacon by Collective Revolution, $15.

Sliced Bacon

31. Love At First Bite by Snorg Tees, $18.95.

Love At First Bite

32. This Calls For Imaginary Bacon by mindlesspursuits (Etsy), $15.

This Calls For Imaginary Bacon

33. Bacon Is Not A Weapon by CafePress, $24.

Bacon Is Not A Weapon

34. Macon Bacon by Howe, $20.

Macon Bacon

35. Bacon Heart by Quote Snack (CafePress), $24.

Bacon Heart

36. MMMM Bacon by missketodesigns (Etsy), $18.


37. Mr. Bacon by Archie McPhee, $11.95.

Mr. Bacon

38. Bacon Fest by Glamorous Monkey, $19.99.

Bacon Fest

39. Baconman by EventualTee (Skreened), $22.99.


40. Bacon Butcher Diagram by Bacon Shirts, $20.

Bacon Butcher Diagram

41. Bacon: The Gateway Meat by T-Shirt Outlet, $10.

Bacon: The Gateway Meat

42. Crispy Bacon by Off World Design, $20.

Crispy Bacon

43. Bacon’s Made of What? by Greasy Grandma (CafePress), $24.

Bacon's Made of What?

44. I’d Be Vegetarian If Bacon Grew On by T-Shirt Outlet, $17.95.

I'd Be Vegetarian If Bacon Grew On Trees

45. <bacon>eggs</bacon> by Di Harrison (RedBubble), $25.93.


46. Bacon Slice by Bacon Shirts, $20.

Bacon Slice

47. My Invisibility Cloak Smells Like Bacon by JayHolt (RedBubble), $23.94.

My Invisibility Cloak Smells Like Bacon

48. Jews For Bacon by Cult Classics, $17.99.

Jews For Bacon

49. Natures Greatest Miracle by 6DollarShirts, $6.

Natures Greatest Miracle

50. Bacon & Lettuce & Tomato by Diculous Designs (RedBubble), $20.95.

Bacon & Lettuce & Tomato

51. Vegetarian (Except For Bacon) by The Cotton Factory, $15.99.

Vegetarian (Except For Bacon)

52. Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game by Accoutrements, $26.99.

Mr. Bacons Big Adventure Game

53. Keep Calm Aand Eat Some Bacon Magnet by Design Dude (Etsy), $3.99.

Keep Calm And Eat Some Bacon

54. Man Bait – Bacon and Maple Syrup Lollipop by Das Lollo, $0.50.

Bacon Lollipop

55. Bacon Jam by Skillet Street Food, $12.

Bacon Jam

56. Bacon Scented Soy Candle by LizaBam83, $15.

Bacon Scented Candle

57. iBacon iPhone App by G-Monkey Productions (iTunes), $0.99.

iBacon iPhone App

58. Bacon: A Love Story: A Salty Survey of Everybody’s Favorite Meat by Heather Lauer, $12.23.

Bacon A Love Story Book

59. Bacon Pillow by Bacon Today, Currently Unavailable.

Bacon Pillow

60. Bacon Bandages by Accoutrements, $6.18.

Bacon Bandages

61. Saint Anthony – Patron Saint of Bacon by eParty Unlimited, $6.95.

Saint Anthony - Patron Saint of Bacon

62. Bacon Shoes by Dawn Grace (Zazzle), $60.

Bacon Shoes

63. Bacon Is Meat Candy Wall Clock by Strk3 (CafePress), $40.

Bacon Is Meat Candy Clock

64. You Had Me At Bacon Necklace by Sincerely April (Etsy), $12.

You Had Me At BAcon Necklace

65. Swine Flew Bacon Soap by Geeky Clean, $4.75.

Swine Flew Bacon Soap

66. Bacon Wallet by Rapscallion, $18.

Bacon Wallet

67. I Love Bacon Mousepad by Nounos Son (Zazzle), $11.60.

I Love Bacon Mousepad

68. I Love Bacon Thong by Baconation (CafePress), $12.

I Love Bacon Thong

69. Will Work For Bacon Tote by Super Food Shop (CafePress), $17.

Will Work For Bacon Tote

70. Bacon Dome Lunchbox by Accoutrements, $29.99.

Bacon Dome Lunchbox

71. Bacon Wave by As Seen on TV Products, $6.50.

Bacon Wave

72. Bacon Arts Series: Amen (9″x24″ print) by M. Brady Clark, $18.

Bacon Arts Series: Amen

73. I Put Bacon On My Bacon by Good To Go Tees (Zazzle), $19.95.

I Put Bacon on My Bacon

74. I Love Bacon Mug by I Heart T-Shirts and I Love Shirts (CafePess), $15.

I Love Bacon Mug

75. Fake Bacon Headband by purpleandlime (Etsy), $17.

Fake Bacon Headband

76. Bacon Wood Print by Tee & Cakes, $5.

Bacon Wood Print

77. Pull Tie, Receive Bacon by 1777Cheese, $17.95.

Pull Tie, Receive Bacon

78. Bakon Vodka by Bakon Vodka.

Bakon Vodka

79. MMMMVelopes by J & D’s, $6.99.


80. Bacon Belt by Accoutrements, $29.99.

Bacon Belt

81. DQM Bacon Frogskins for Oakley by Daves Quality Meat, Sold Out.

Oakley Bacon Frogskin

82. Don’t Fry Bacon Naked Apron by Mo Go Lounge (CafePress), $22.

Don't Fry Bacon Naked

83. 6 Reasons Bacon Is Better Than True Love Poster by matthewinman of The Oatmeal (Zazzle), $13.95.

6 Reasons Bacon Is Better

84. Bacon Man Flip Mino HD by Baconation (CafePress), $199.

Bacon Man Flip Mino HD

85. Raw Bacon Magnets by Design Dude (Etsy), $4.99.

Raw Bacon Magnets

86. Bacon Flavor Dental Floss by Accoutrements, $3.95.

Bacon Flavor Dental Floss

87. Bacon Tuxedo by Perpetual Kid, $7.99.

Bacon Tuxedo

88. The Bacon Necktie by Smoked Bacon Neckwear, $19.95.

The Bacon Necktie

89. Bacon Bourbon Caramel Popcorn by Salted Caramel, $12.

Bacon Bourbon popcorn

90. Bacon Lip Balm by Accoutrements, $2.95.

Bacon Balm

91. Bacon Head Boy and his Pet Pig (Polymer Clay/Plastic Figurine) by Sleepy Robot 13, $15.

Bacon Head Boy

92. iPod Shuffle Bacon Case by Antjes (Etsy), $19.

iPod Shuffle Bacon Case

93. Amazing Bacon Lavender Lime Soap by Juicy Bath (Etsy), $5.

Bacon Soap

94. Tac Bac Tactical Bacon by ThinkGeek, $15.99.

Tactical Bacon

95. Bacconaise by ThinkGeek, $5.99.


96. Push Button, Receive Bacon Magnet by Design Dude (Etsy), $2.99.

Push Button Receive Bacon Magnet

97. 2GB Realistic Food Bacon USB Flash Drive Make Memory More Meaty, $10.49.

2GB Bacon USB Drive

98. Bacon and Eggs Apron by Snappy Shop, $43.

Bacon and Eggs Apron

99. Bacon Skateboard by StargazerDesigns, $127.40.

Bacon Skateboard

100. Mo’s Bacon Choco Chip Pancake Mix, $15.

Mo's Bacon Choco Chip Pancake Mix

101. They Call Me Bacon Face (9″x9″ Original Drawing) by Hollow Tree Design, $30.

They Call Me Bacon Face

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Bacon Photo (Top) by Flickr User Dave77459.


  1. says

    Let me tell you Andy, it was tough! You know how I celebrated? I had bacon for breakfast!

    @Chris, No prob dude! How could I pass on a girl in bikini underwear. By far one of the best product shots out there! Now go tell your 40K+ Twitter followers to spread the word!!! :)

  2. says

    Hey Elizabeth, no problem! And BTW, thanks for the tweet out to your 18K+ followers – much appreciated! I love that bacon heart.

  3. says

    @wow They did a list of 51 bacon shirts and 50 products? That’s cool, link me up because I’d like to see it. I actually found 3-4 other top 10 weird bacon lists when Googling this the first time around, so the idea is far from original.

  4. kushka53 says

    Poor, sweet, intelligent piggies. They are even better than dogs as pets, you know! Anyone aware of the horror they are put through out there?

  5. feliciam2406 says

    Now I’m hungry!! Has anyone tried the Brown Sugar Bacon recipe from the Neelys? YUMMMMY!!!

  6. moose says

    This list is incredibly awesome!! I have a few friends who are deployed to Afghanistan and they SO can not have bacon while they’re over there…How terribly sad…SO, I’m going to get them some bacon bandaids and send over!! LOL THANKS!!!


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