No Sweat: American Apparel/SweatX Documentary

This looks really interesting. Not sure if I want to splurge $25 to download the film but when rental streaming is offered later this spring I will definitely watch it. Thanks to blog regular, Christina Roberts, for pointing me to the trailer! Check out the No Sweat trailer by IndiePix Films below.

The modern garment industry is defined by the “sweatshop” where most workers are undocumented, toiling under the radar of labor laws, for substandard wages, without breaks or benefits. Enter American Apparel and SweatX, two T-shirt factories in downtown L.A. trying to do it differently. But while SweatX is backed by 2.5 million in venture capital by ice-cream maverick Ben Cohen, American Apparel was built from the ground up by eccentric and controversial entrepreneur, Dov Charney.

No Sweat is a fast-paced documentary that goes behind the label, comparing two very different companies with a single goal: To take the sweat out of the shop. But do they have what it takes to survive in today’s global market place?