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    I would say both of them are just silly – Copyright laws are inherently broken in this country – and let’s be real – the idea of a mouth on a soda can (considering the fact that we put our mouths to them every day) isn’t exactly a huge cognitive or artistic leap.

    In fact – my first reaction to Greg Mike’s work was – looks like KISS (the rock band’s) open mouth logo. Does this mean that KISS’s lawyers should sue Greg Mike out of existence?

    No – because it doesn’t matter. That infringement case – while certainly as valid as the one Greg Mike has against Ray – is really pointless. When you stick the entire world on a single network – no ideas are really that unique unless someone is living on a different planet with completely different cultural influences. Think of the last time you tried to register a domain name – chances are – if it’s any good and the least bit common – some speculator has already snatched it up.

    Either this is a publicity stunt by one/both parties to capture blog attention – or it’s a really pathetic case of two independent and creative folks trying to act like corporate/machismo American morons. If I were Ray – I would have challenged him – when you create any work – you automatically have copyright – all that filing does is give you a little extra leverage in a lawsuit (the main benefit of suing beyond actual damages).

    Perhaps Greg Mike isn’t making so much money from his art anymore, so he’s reverting to predatory lawsuits in this tough economy.

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    Great points, Ryan.

    What saddens me the most is that this is the case of one indie guy threatening lawsuit against another indie guy. I mean at the end of the day, does Rays work really pose a threat to your custom soda cans? I mean, if Pepsi and Coca-Cola can get along, I am pretty sure the two of you could.

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    Welp, now we all know what kinda guy Greg Mike is…. /fail.

    1st: both logos are totally different
    2nd: painted cans are found-object art ….. not a logo of a can with a mouth that may or may not be painted on.
    3rd: its lunchtime so this just makes me extra angry

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    In al honesty i think this is a farce…. If it were we I’d continue to sell your product with the current logo.

    This makes me angry too.. The images are different.. The products are different.. You both own respective copyright on the designs… He’d need a pretty tight trademark in place to affect you at all.

    This is a cheap shot, not one even worth dodging. Keep selling Ray, there is NOTHING he can do.

    Good luck!


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    Darren and jetgirl, I agree with the two of you 100%. This was pretty lame on Greg Mike’s part. It’s one indie artist threatening another indie artist about copyright matters….really?! Maybe one day karma will bring Marvel and KISS’s lawyers over to his site and threaten to sue him because of his soda can art.

  6. Larry says

    I’m with Greg Mike on this one. He’s been doing ART since the 90’s and has designed tons of clothing lines, ect..

    It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that Ray bit his whole concept after he saw GREG MIKE created over 100 cans. Ray took the concept of the logo and can concept named it the same thing!! Alot of time people dont realize they see things and think the idea is new and theirs.

    Now it Seems like Ray is using this as a marketing plot to sell product at a discounted rate. Smart move on his part, but not gonna change the fact that he stole an idea and thought people wouldn’t realize.

    As for the marvel thing alot of artists who have done that. Look at KAWS or RON ENGLISH:

    I dont know what the legal rights are on this..

    Anywhoo! time to get back to work, thought I’d add my 2 cents!