101 LOST T-Shirts For The Ultimate LOST Fanatic

ABC’s LOST has, for me, probably been the most suspenseful, exciting, and entertaining television show of the last decade. Geeks will probably be talking about LOST for years after the show goes off the air, theorizing and speculating to their hearts content. I love the fact that a lot of answer are being told, but it’s bitter sweet considering that there are only 10 episodes left. By the way, I’m loving crazy Claire. Am I the only one?

101 LOST TShirts

Having said that, I present to you 101 LOST T-ShirtsFor The Ultimate LOST Fanatics. This list was requested by Freelance Artist and TeeFury Art Director, Jimiyo. I hope you enjoy it! And by the way, this was not the first LOST list, so be sure to check out the Troundup’s link at the bottom if you’re interested in seeing his list!

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a LOST related shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. Dude by Jimiyo (Redbubble), $23.94.


2. Last by Meme Engine, $24.95. Via ATShirtBlog.


3. Hoffs/Drawlar by Wake Up Time To Die, £18.

Hoffs/Drawler Funeral Parlor

4. Missing by Glennz Tees, $19.95.


5. Found by Busted Tees, $20.


6. Polar Beer by Ian Leino, $18.

Polar Beer

7. John Locke by olechka (RedBubble), $24.94.

John Locke

8. LaFleur by My Party Shirt, $17.95.


9. I Want To Get Lost With Ben by freakyfashions (Skreened), $23.99.

I Want To Get LOST With Ben

10. Hurley Gets Takeout by mrdavenport, Concept Tee Not Available For Sale.

Hurley Gets Takeout

11. John Is Not Dead by ShirtCity, $19.95.

John Is Not Dead

12. The Black Rock by Wake Up Time To Die, £18.

The Black Rock

13. Desmond Is My Constant by Busted Tees, $20.

Desmond Is My Constant

14. Brother (Onesie) by babywood (Etsy), $13.


15. Rousseau by LOST Danielle Rousseau: Expedition de l’Ile (CafePress), $24.


16. Survivor Flight 815 by Weezy Designs (CafePress), $22.

Survivor Flight 815

17. Juliet Is Da Bomb by flinkman (Zazzle), $26.95.

Juliet Is Da Bomb

18. Black Rock by Zooky Shirts (CafePress), $22.

Black Rock

19. Word Cloud by ABC, $24.95.

Word Cloud

20. What Would John Locke Do by Jimiyo (Redbubble), $23.94.

What Would John Locke Do?

21. LOST Warning by mongo (Skreened), $19.99.

LOST Warning

22. 922044:16 by stumpyhorse, Concept Tee Not Available For Sale.


23. Charlie Pace: You All Everybody by woozykk (Zazzle), $24.30.

You All Everybody Charlie Pace

24. I Survived Oceanic Airlines by ShirtCity, $19.95.

I Survived Oceanic Airlines Flight 815

25. Lost Numbers by Colecao, No Longer Available For Sale. Via HideYourrms.

LOST Numbers

26. Widmore Industries by LOST World (CafePress), $24.

Widmore Industries

27. Lost by Greg Abbott, Concept Tee Not Available For Sale.


28. Sayid For President (Toddler) by babywood (Etsy), $14.

Sayid For President

29. LOST Characters by KA Designs (CafePress), $24.

Lost Characters

30. Desmond Hume from Lost – Shepard Fairy Poster Style by Jimiyo (RedBubble), $23.94.


31. Geronimo Jackson Concert Tee by ABC, $24.95.

Geronimo Jackson Concert Tee

32. Previously, On Lost by I Am James Martin (Skreened), $20.

Previously On Lost

33. Official LOST Fan Club Shirt #1 by ABC, Shirt was only available to Fan Club Members and was released in October 2006.

LOST Fan Club

34. Official LOST Fan Club Shirt #2 by ABC, Shirt was only available to Fan Club Members and was released in October 2006.

LOST Fan Club

35. I Wanna Get Lost With Sawyer by ShirtCity, $22.95.

I Wanna Get Lost With Sawyer

36. The Oceanic Six by arty (Skreened), $19.99.

The Oceanic Six

37. Team Jacob by Kettle Toast, $24.

Team Jacob

38. Things Are Not As They Seem (Toddler) by babywood (Etsy), $15.

Things Are Not As They Seem

39. Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do by Ollies Designs (CafePress), $24.

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do

40. Dharma Initiative by Cmdr.Kerner. A fan made LOST shirt based on a Dharma can. Printed at Pixum.de.

Dharma Initiative

41. Mr. Clucks by The Hatch (Zazzle), $17.95.

Mr. Clucks

42. Numbers (Toddler) by babywood (Etsy), $13.


43. Hanso Foundation by SuedeTees (CafePress), $24.

Hanso Foundation

44. Numbers by 4 8 15 16 23 42 (CafePress) $30.


45. Lost Symbols by ShirtCity, $22.95.

Lost Symbols

46. Who Is The Leader by ABC, $24.95.

Who Is The Leader

47. Widmore Race Around The World by mongo (Skreened), $20.99.

Widmore Race Around The World

48. Turn Wheel Move Island by JoeK (CafePress), $24.

Turn Wheel Move Island

49. Hurley Bird by Wake Up Time To Die, £18.

Hurley Bird

50. Desmond Is My Constant by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Desmond Is My Constant

51. LOST Dharma Mosaic by ABC, $24.95.

LOST Dharma Mosaic

52. Numbers and Names by ABC, $24.95.

Numbers and Names

53. Live Together Or Die Alone by Wheels, Concept Tee Not Available For Sale.

Live Together or Die Alone

54. Drive Shaft by Wake Up Time To Die, £18.

Drive Shaft

55. Lost Numbers by ShirtCity, $19.95.

LOST Numbers

56. Locke Candidate Crossed by nestor_ps (Skreened), $18.29.

Locke Candidate Crossed

57. Whatever Happened, Happened by LOST Shirts and Apparel (CafePress), $24.

Whatever Happened

58. Hieroglyphics In A Dharma Can by ABC, $29.95.


59. Geronimo Jackson Skull by ABC, $24.95.

Geronimo Jackson Skull

60. I Want To Get Lost With Kate by ShirtCity, $22.95.

I Want To Get Lost With Kate

61. Geronimo Jackson by ABC, $24.95.

Geronimo Jackson

62. I’d Hit That by Detour Designable (CafePress), $22.

I'd Hit That

63. Hurley Is Lost Without Libby by Oceaniclost (Zazzle), $21.45.

Hurley Is Lost Without Libby

64. Mittelos Bioscience by Wake Up Time To Die, £18.

Mittelos Biosciences

65. Just Don’t Tell Him What He Can’t Do by Olly Moss. This shirt was only available on Christmas Day 2009 at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.

Just Don't Tell Him What He Can't Do

66. Long Live Locke by Long Live Locke Blog, T-Shirt was given away as part of a contest.

Long Live Locke

67. I Survived Flight 815 (Toddler) by babywood (Etsy), $13.

I Survived Flight 815

68. Dharma Initiated by iliyaaa (Zazzle), $25.25.

Dharma Initiated

69. Quotes by Holiday Clothing (CafePress), $24.


70. Lost Since 1977 by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Lost Since 1977

71. Lapidus Air by Mongo Angry (CafePress), $22.

Lapidus Air

72. What Lies In The Shadow of the Statue by Wake Up Time To Dies, £18.

What Lies In The Shadows

73. Lost Hawaii by Hawaii Lost Fan Club, $14. Made exclusively for the final season premier on Waikiki Beach.

Lost Hawaii Fan Club

74. Not Penny’s Boat by CafePress, $22.

Not Penny's Boat

75. Dharma Car by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Dharma Car

76. Live Together Die Alone by freakyfashions (Skreened), $23.99.

Live Together Die Alone

77. Do you Have Any Idea How Badly I Want To Kill You? by LOST Shirts and Apparel (CafePress), $24.

Do You Have Any Idea How Badly I Want To Kill You

78. 108 Clothing, No Longer For Sale Available.

108 Clothing

79. Jack Shephard: Live Together or Die Alone (Toddler) by babywood (Etsy), $12.

Jack Shephard Lives

80. Welcome To Dharmaville by ShirtCity, $22.95.

Welcome To Dharmaville

81. Time Traveling Bunnies by Habaneros Gear (CafePress), $24.

Time Traveling Bunnies

82. Caution Smoke Monster by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Caution: Smoke Monster

83. LOST Parody Shawarma Initiative T-Shirt by Monkey X (TeeFury), No Longer Available For Sale. Via Slashfilm.

Lost Parody Shawarma

84. Inside Joke by The 4TF Smokey Shop (CafePress), $24.

Inside Joke

85. Your Mother Is An Other by InkTees (CafePress), $24.

Your Mother Is An Other

And finally to wrap up the list, you’ll find 15 tees featuring the various Dharma Logos. The first few feature the official logos, and are available at the ABC TV Store. The rest are parody Dharma logos that have been adapted to T-Shirts.

86. Dharma Symbol by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Dharma Symbol

87. Dharma Stations Gradient by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Symbol Gradient

88. Official Dharma Logo by ABC, $24.95.

Official Dharma Logo

89. Dharma Lamp Post by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Lamp Post

90. Dharma Motor Pool by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Motor Pool

91. Dharma Orchid by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Orchid

92. Dharma Recycle by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Recycle

93. Dharma Cafeteria by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Cafeteria

94. Dharma Tempest by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Tempest

95. Dharma Medical Staff by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Medical Staff

96. Dharma Swan Logo by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Swan

97. Dharma School by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma School

98. Dharma Security by ABC, $24.95.

Dharma Security

99. Dharma Ohio by whattherock (Skreened), $20.99.

Dharma Ohio

100. Dharma Meltdown by sindeegee (Etsy), $10.

Dharma Meltdown

101. Dharma Power by hits and hobbies (CafePress), $24.

Dharma Power

Also check out Colin’s list at Troundup:

6 Lost (TV) T-Shirts in Honor of the Premiere by Troundup.

Wheww, you made it to the end of the list! If you enjoyed this post then please, please, please, tell you’re friends about it! A simple Tweet or post on your Facebook page will help to get the word out, and a link back on your blog would be greatly appreciated!


  1. says

    i’ve never been a LOST fanatic but i do like #22. nice illustration. well i found your site through threadless and i love how this all came about. congrats! and keep on keepin’ on! i’ll def. be following this blog and will hopefully get to send you some samples of some shirts i did for a clothing co. in chicago. they should be out soon! will let you know.

  2. says

    Thanks Kathryn!

    SFrench, you must be a true LOST Fan to have that fan club shirt!

    Will, I agree, #22 features some excellent illustration work. I believe that it was submitted to Threadless but never was picked up which is a shame.

  3. says

    All the t-shirts are looking very beautiful. Their designs are looking awesome. The shirt i like most is Survivor Flight 815. I am going to place my order for it. Thanks for sharing such a nice collection of t-shirts. I ‘ll try to purchase more.

  4. says

    All awesome!

    I recently designed a shirt featuring the Dharma Shark and everything that the he ate throughout his years swimming around the island…among other things: a Virgin Mary statue, Expose script, Oceanic wreckage, a fish biscuit, one of Jacob’s lists, the compass, fail-safe key and more.

    You can see a large version of the image here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8663180@N08/4369783768/sizes/l/

    And buy the shirt on several different items here: http://www.cafepress.com/mattislost


  5. lily1029 says

    What a great list Coty! I have #20 from when it was on teefury. Teefury also has another great Lost shirt today only called Desmond’s Replacement. Fans should check it out!

  6. says

    I bought this awesome hieroglyphs EPIC FAIL one:


    (and actually would have designed it like the following, but since the epic fail one was up, I didn’t, oddly enough):


    And I made quite a few designs of my own (with Smokey, Boone, Shannon, Sayid/Sawyer, spa, polar bears–all links are in each store if you want to check ‘em out), including a Team Down & Dirty: Sayid & Sawyer one, which I own in:


    I’m glad CafePress and ABC allowed us to express ourselves. :) Have fun!

    (And I saw that shark one above and thought it was really cute the other day.)

  7. downthehatch says

    I have 3 not on here.

    One is just numbers (white) on a black tee – ABC.com

    One is Olive Green with the faces of John, Sawyer, Kate and Jack. The numbers are also on it. – Source unknown (maybe virgin records)

    Another is from the Lost Tour in Hawaii and reads “Got Lost”

  8. says

    Love LOST. There’s a couple of designs here that I hadn’t seen before, which was a surprise to me… there’s also some other great stuff (imo) that didn’t make it.

  9. says

    Considering it’s OK to share links, you and other LOSTies may also want to check out: http://www.gritfx.com/lost/ – there’s 24 LOST designs listed and only one is a double up to this post – that being “I’d Hit That – Every 108 minutes” – great design that one!

  10. tigerstripes says

    Thanks so much for consolidating this fine list!
    If I may make a suggestion: I see that your format is ‘101’ shirts, but if you could bump this list up 7 more shirts to 108 this one time, that would be a cool Lost in-joke. ;^)

  11. says

    Thanks for featuring one of our Lost Shirts on your list. I like your list. I’m sure someone else said this already but I think you should have made the list 108. We have 7 more on our site at Detour Designables.

  12. says


    Nice gallery of lost tees !

    I love the t-shirt :”warning this personn has not seen lost this week yet”

  13. love_lost says

    why wont they do a black shirt with the theme lost slanted lke the theme in the beginning of each episode!

  14. says

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