SXSW 2010 T-Shirt Sightings (Day 2)

Day 2 of SXSW 2010 has come and gone and I’ve got a collection of 14 tees that I spotted (despite not being there) worn by 14 different geeks! Note, the T-Rex Drums tee worn by Gary Vaynerchuk, Cutters tee and the Vimeo T-Shirt are available for sale.

SXSW T-Shirt Sightings

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

Day 2 SXSW T-Shirt Sightings:

1. I Shoot Food, photo by hawaii. Awesome Foodspotting tee parodying the ubiquitous I Heart NY design. You had to participate in the SXSW Street Food Scavenger Hunt in order to score this awesome shirt. Visit Foodspotting and Hawaii Weblog.

I Shoot Food

2. Cutters, photo by davidjschloss. The 2010 Bike Hugger Mobile Social at SXSW brought hundreds and hundreds of riders together for a social ride, BBQ and schwag fest. This attendee is sporting the Cutters tee from the classic cycling movie, Breaking Away, and available from our good friends at Found Item Clothing. Buy Cutters from Found Item Clothing. Visit Attention Deficit David.


3. Indie GoGo, photo by Betsy Weber. Indie GoGo is an awesome community of various indie artist to share their media, whether it be film, music or writing. Discover new indie stuff at Indie GoGo. Visit Indie GoGo and Visual Lounge.

Indie GoGo

4. Dot Jenna, photo by NoNo Joel. dotJenna is a web personality and the President & CEO of The Marketing, a new media company in Frisco, Texas. Visit Dot Jenna.

Dot Jenna

5. Android Walks Dog, photo by Emily C. Charlie O’Donnell, an EIR at First Round Capital, wearing a funky Android tee. Visit This Is Going To Be Big, Mouth of the Border and First Round Capitol.


6. Gary Vaynerchuk, photo by themarlooz. Wine guy and social media guru Gary Vee shows off a T-Rex tee that I’ve shown off on this blog before! Buy T-Rex Drums from Amorphia Apparel. Visit Gary Vaynerchuk’s site and Marlooz.


7. Andrew Mager X Obama, photo by magerleagues. Andrew Mager work on design engineering Ning and also blogs about the social web on ZDNet’s The Web Life. Visit Andrew Mager’s Site, The Web Life and Ning.

Andrew Mager

8. NXNW, photo by George Ruiz. Next New Networks is TV for the Internet. As the leading independent producer of online television networks Next New Networks creates, packages, brands, markets and syndicates some of the Web’s most popular regularly scheduled and episodic programming. Visit NNN and George Ruiz’s site.


9. Calling Home, photo by quasarkitten. I love this shirt, it’s a classic and by one of my favorite tee designers, Glenn Jones! Buy Calling Home at Threadless. Visit Quasarkitten and Glennz Tees.

Calling Home

10. Taltopia, photo by imagespacemedia. The Taltopia community is designed to discover, promote, critique, and enjoy creative talent. Build a fan club, book gigs, enter contests, and get the exposure you deserve! Visit Image Space Media and Taltopia.


11. I’ve Got Big Plans, photo by imagespacemedia. Not entirely sure what this logo tee is off, but my guess is that it is something related to Linux. I could be totally wrong, though! Visit Image Space Media.


12. Something Went Terribly Wrong, photo by imagespacemedia. A cool parody of the classic “evolution” tee. Visit Image Space Media.


13. Jing, photo by Betsey Weber. Use Jing to capture anything you see on your computer screen and share it instantly as an image or short movie. Visit Jing and The Visual Lounge.


14. Vimeo, photo by Joseph Schmitt. I use Vimeo for all my video needs. It’s slick, it’s easy, it’s fun to use. Buy the Vimeo Logo Tee from Busted Tees. Visit Vimeo.


Check back tomorrow for a recap of Day 3’s SXSW T-Shirt sightings!

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Some things to note:

1. I will be tracking tees during the Interactive Session (March 12 – 16). Depending on how things goes, I might do this series of posts throughout the entire festival. We shall see!

2. If you’re a startup and you see your T-Shirt here then please note that I want it! If you’ve got an extra Men’s Large send one my way and I’ll be sure to review not only your tee but your service/website on this blog! Should be fun.

3. If you’re at SXSW, 1. I am jealous and 2. Be on the lookout for cool tees that you spot and send them my way!

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    My goal for next year is to be selling shirts somewhere around there… 30 minutes away from this stuff and can’t go. >_<

  2. says

    Jetgirl, you’re 30 min away! I’m dying to go and I am 3898 miles away! I really I hope I can make next years conference – I’m such a fan of tech.

    Why couldn’t you make this years conference?

  3. says

    @coty yeah I got laid off from a web design job last year so money is a tad tight, how I ended up working for a screen printer is an (awesome)fluke in itself.

  4. says

    @ladylexy, cool, thank for the info!

    @jetgirl, sorry to hear that you got laid off – but it sounds like it’s worked out for the better so far. You seems to really love screen printing!

    @Travis, I knew you’d love that pic. If you check the flickr page you’ll find a photo of the cutters dude with a more precarious facial expression!