SXSW 2010 T-Shirt Sightings (Day 3)

And the awesome SXSW shirt sightings keep rolling in! Here’s my Day 3 recap of some of the awesome shirts being worn at the 2010 SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. Note that Sorry My Phone Died, We All Fall Down, Nerd Is The New Cool, Diner, Infinity MPG and Hey Let’s Go Do Fun Stuff are available for sale (links below).

SXSW T-Shirt Sightings

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

Day 3 SXSW T-Shirt Sightings:

1. We All Fall Down, photo by The Plan8 Podcast. I spot Scam School’s Brian Brushwood in a Rob Dobi tee! Brushwood wore We All Fall Down to the The Big Digg Shindigg At Stubbs BBQ. Buy We All Fall Down from Full Bleed. Visit Brian Brushwood’s site, Rob Dobi’s Site.


2. Sorry My Phone Died, photo submitted by Bryan Vega. Here’s a tee spotted at SXSW from our friend Joe Pino’s indie tee shop, Dos Chicos Tees! Buy Sorry My Phone Died from Dos Chicos Tees.

Sorry My Phone Died

3. Nerd Is The New Cool, photo by The Plan8 Podcast. I’m a huge fan of Diggnation and The Totally Rad Show and so I am so very envious of you, whoever snapped this photo! Buy Nerd Is The New Cool from Jinx. Visit Alex Albrecht’s site, Kevin Rose’s site, Digg and The Totally Rad Show.


4. Foursquare, photo by finitor. A Heart composed of the Foursquare badges – brilliant! Visit Foursquare.


5. Facebook Developer Garage Austin + Gowalla, photo by magerleagues. You can tell I’m a tee blogger when the first thing that I notice are the American Apparel tags. Gowalla, if you’re reading this – I want a Gowalla tee! Visit Gowalla and Andrew Mager’s site.


6. Assorted SXSW Swag, photo by jeffreylcohen. I heard Threadless was giving away free Threadless X Griffin iPhone cases. Best swag ever? By the way, I want ALL of these shirts. Buy the Theradless X Griffin iPhone Cases. Visit Digital Papercuts and Threadless.

Assorted SXSW Swag

7. Just Ask – Reggie Bibbs, photo by Reggie Bibbs. Meet Reggie Bibbs (middle), he’s spreading the word about neurofibromatosis through the web. Neat! The guy on the left of Bibbs, in the green shirt, is sporting Infinity MPG by Ross Zietz. Buy Infinity MPG from Threadless. Visit Neurofibromatosis Cafe and Ross Zietz’ site.

Reggie Bibbs

Reggie Bibbs

8. Darkside of the Garden, photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid. And we’ve got another Glenn Jones / Glennz Tees shirt! This time it’s the no longer for sale Darkside of the Garden, Star Wars parody. Visit The Laughing Squid, Threadless and Glennz Tees.

Darkside of the Garden

9. Borrow Me – Neighborhood Goods, photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid. NeighborGoods is where you can save and earn money by sharing stuff with your friends! Need a ladder? Borrow it from your neighbor. Have a bike collecting dust in your closet? Rent it out for some extra cash! Visit The Laughing Squid and NeighborhoodGoods.Net.

Borrow Me

10. SXSW Venn Diagram, photo by Steven Rosenbaum. Venn SXSW is the brainchild / hairbrain scheme of Sam and Hannah the Planners. We like to reduce things to their essence and find the Venn diagram a trusty tool. We’ll be condensing and synthesing all the big ideas we encounter, to produce a diagram of the day, everyday. To Venn SXSW. This will be captured on film, blog, twitter, media partners and t-shirts and relayed back to those at home in near real time. Making us your man and woman on the ground in SXSW. Over and out. Visit Albion London – Venn SXSW and Clay Shirky’s Writings About the Internet.

SXSW Venn Diagram

11. Whale Diner + Pixelated Saints, photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid. The Diner was opened on December 31st, 1998 by friends Mark Firth and Andrew Tarlow. After years of living on the South Side and having nowhere to eat, drink, or hang out nearby, they decided to open their own little place, and took over the lease of the 1920’s Kullman Diner car one block away from their home. Buy the Whale Diner Tee from DinerNYC. Visit The Diner Journal, DinerNYC and The Laughing Squid.

Whale Diner

12. Rocket Pack, photo by King Molan. Looks like they were having tons of fun at the Mozilla SXSW Party! I am assuming this is a custom, hand drawn T-Shirt – cool! Visit Mozilla and Pogovor.

Rocket Pack

Rocket Pack

13. Happy Cog’aoke, photo by alexdesigns. Welcome to karaoke, SXSW style! I have no idea what the story is behind this “Superhero 9″ shirt, but, I assume that the story is awesome! Visit Happy Cog Studios, Happy Cog’aoke 2 and Alex Designs.

Happy Cogaoke

Happy Cog’aoke 2 / Lesson Four: ‘Over the Top’ from Happy Cog on Vimeo.

14. Server Beach X Light Bulbs, photo by Peer 1 Hsting. I feel like I have seen this shirt before but I have no idea where it’s from. I love the lightbulbs, can somebody tell me where this shirt is from? Anybody? Buy the Vimeo Logo Tee from Busted Tees. Visit Server Beach.

Server Beach

15. SXSurrogates, photo by Urban Observer. I wanna know what shirt the guy on the left is wearing! GSD&M Idea City is a leading national marketing communications and advertising company that has helped grow some of the world’s most successful brands. Visit Experience Freak, Idea City and SXSurrogates.


16. Hey, Let’s Go Do Fun Stuff, photo by Urban Observer. I love doing fun stuff! This guy looks like he is having oodles of fun at SXSW! Buy Hey, Let’s Go Do Fun Stuff from Threadless. Visit Experience Freak, Threadless and Made With Awesome.

Hey let's Go Do Fun Stuff

Check back tomorrow for a recap of Day 4’s SXSW T-Shirt sightings!

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Some things to note:

1. I will be tracking tees during the Interactive Session (March 12 – 16). Depending on how things goes, I might do this series of posts throughout the entire festival. We shall see!

2. If you’re a startup and you see your T-Shirt here then please note that I want it! If you’ve got an extra Men’s Large send one my way and I’ll be sure to review not only your tee but your service/website on this blog! Should be fun.

3. If you’re at SXSW, 1. I am jealous and 2. Be on the lookout for cool tees that you spot and send them my way!

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